CEO of Tecmo Koei Talks About Nintendo 3DS and More

Nikkei BP (a technology and business publisher) did its annual interview with Japan’s top gaming publishers. This year it interviewed Tecmo Koei CEO Kenji Matsubara.

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ShadyDevil2863d ago

3ds has potential, esp if its backd by good companies

MightyMark4272863d ago

3DS is no doubt will lead the handheld market again. Nintendo is always leading in the handheld market since the release of Gameboy.

N4GAddict2863d ago

I predict 3DS will sell a lot.

Acquiesc32863d ago

It's a safe bet that 3DS will continue Nintendomination, yeah.

N4GAddict2863d ago

Fist of the North Star is going to be awesome.

MightyMark4272863d ago

its going to be very soon...

dizzleK2863d ago

i'm very curious about it. hopefully it's at e3. gimmick or not i dig ish like this.