Red Dead Redemption Features: Wildlife & Hunting

Rockstar writes - "Earlier today, we unveiled some screenshots of Wildlife & Hunting in Red Dead Redemption. We've now updated the Features section to include new information, additional screens and downloadable desktop wallpapers showcasing some of Red Dead Redemption's most dangerous wildlife."

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MGRogue20172841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

... No, Tuesday & Friday.. The hunt begins :)

Don't forget the UK & the rest of the world. :D

ThanatosDMC2840d ago

Skinning your own horse for unlimited horse meat is funny. It takes about a minute for it to respawn again from the gameplay steam lastnight.

mittwaffen2841d ago

Just preordered this.

Alan Wake+RDR going to keep me busy.

LordMarius2841d ago

This is the 1st thing I'm doing when I pop in the game, screw the story, Im going hunting

ThanatosDMC2840d ago

Same here. I'm gonna look for bears and fight it melee if there's a way to knife fight it.

SG-172841d ago

The first thing I am going to do online with my posse is hunt Grizzly Bear.

bjornbear2841d ago

me included...bear roulette =D

Demons Souls2841d ago

We will go around and gang up on some beaver and then unload everything we have into it. After that we'll probably try and go find a cougar and take it from there.

ryhanon2841d ago

I don't know why you lost bubbles before, but +1 from me now. Good show sir.

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The story is too old to be commented.