Goldmine of Call of Duty: Black Ops details

In the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, they got an exclusive hands-on with Call of Duty: Black Ops over at Treyarch’s HQ, and delivered a huge feature on it. Now we bring you scans of the issue along with comprehensive analysis.

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Breakfast2984d ago

Looks like Acti is fulling backing this title. Treyarch is finally getting the respect that Infinity Ward got from the start.

Cant wait to try it out, the game looks great!

dgroundwater2983d ago

Agreed this looks pretty promising. I actually hope they scale back the superfluous madness that is multiplayer MW2 (secondary shotguns, cheap perks, akimbo, a million killstreaks, etc).

drdistracto7072983d ago

If the gameplay is less twitchy, and a bit more tactical/weighty then I might take a look, at least they've improved the graphics

right now though, MoH>CoD:BO

that could change if treyarch impresses me though

Brewski0072983d ago

Yeah agree breakfast. I'll be playing anyways, thought treyarch did a good job with world at war for was and im really looking forward to seeing them go out of the world war comfort zone they have.

kunit22c2982d ago

I am excited! If this has Zombies it will be an INSTANT buy! I still play Zombies to this day!

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hybridtheory122983d ago

Nice! I think this will be better than MW2. you know, cus we (the community) are not ignored

Hotel_Moscow2983d ago

you know when infinty ward listened to the community we got mw2

Colonel-Killzone2983d ago

I can deal with the akimbo thats not a problem. But the spawn behind me nonsense has to go. You only have 3 killstreaks so idk where you get that a million killstreaks from. The only problem for me is the spawn and also the constant grenade launcher.

Claudinho692983d ago

are you kidding how can you not have a problem with commando a.k.a teleport past bullets

DirtyLary2983d ago

The silly insta killing knife and 5 ft reach commando perk need to go.

At least add a body armour perk that makes you immune to knifes.

aviator1892983d ago

Just hoping zombies will be back and I'm sold. The campaign is already looking fantastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.