The five most controller-wrecking games ever

Destructoid writes: "Controllers, the means by which we exert our will on the worlds inside our games, need to be durable. Constant clicking, flicking, pressing and tugging is going to cause wear on anything and, in the long term, your controllers are probably going to stop working some day."

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The 10th Rider2807d ago

I place my foot carefully on the rock band kick petal to optimally avoid it's breaking. I just hope it holds out 'til the rock band 3 drum set comes out.

N4GAddict2807d ago

Music accessories break alot

SaiyanFury2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

My nomination would be in the form of the original Alundra. It's puzzles were hard and it was extremely frustrating. How many times did I try to complete the frozen pillar puzzles in Kline's Dream only to screw up one push just to screw it all up? To this day I offer the same to all of my friends since the days of the original; complete the game is less than 25 hours without a walkthrough and I'll happily hand over my next paycheque. To this day, not a single one of my friends has done it over 10 years later.

Kratos Spartan2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I wore my analog sticks out from COD4. Seriously. They got so loose they just hung to the side when I held them upright. I had to buy a new controller. Oh, and the NES controller is by far the toughest ever. I remember my friends and I throwing and nunchuck slamming those things around, still didn't faze them. No way I could do that with today's controllers.

sid4gamerfreak2807d ago

ive never damaged any of my property because I can actually contain my anger

Blackfrican2807d ago

Damage incurred through playing Mario Party was not the result of anger...

FACTUAL evidence2807d ago

needed a spot. I actually know two people who broke a controller over that game literally.

HighDefinition2807d ago

Getting RROD makes you wanta break something, or any system failure for that matter. That sh!t sucks.......

HolyOrangeCows2807d ago

The fly guy thing from mario party......FUUUUUUUUU-

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no_more_trolling2807d ago

hulk ultimate destruction

destroyed my xbox 1 controller

N4GAddict2807d ago

One of the Dragon Ball games on Gamecube wrecked my controller.

tunaks12807d ago

I remember the Fly Guy, my n64 control stick survived it though :D

GAM3R7l2807d ago

....because of the abuse my analog sticks got from COD4 and FNR4.

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The story is too old to be commented.