N4G commenters are so, so predictable

Let's start by saying that we love N4G. We love the service they provide, and we love the “peer-review” news model. However, some of the people who comment on N4G stories leave a bit to be desired...

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Parapraxis2991d ago

So...what usernames do these guys use to troll?

LordMarius2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

The hell is this manure

There is a report function for offensive comments but this video has the right to offend some of the commenters, this crap needs to get deleted

- Ghost of Sparta -2990d ago

Gabe Newell has a son at Icrontic and I bet he's reading my comment right now while he sits his ass on a recliner eating Cheetos. I'm sure misery would consume him if I burned down his local KFC.

Isn't it predictably ironic (icrontic?) that these guys ONLY get hits when they submit their trash on N4G?

HolyOrangeCows2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

EDIT: I thought it was "Cheerios" but you said "Cheetos"

Front Page news:
"This just in! People are immature, rude, and irrational on the internets!"

karl2990d ago

@- Ghost of Sparta -

i wonder if he gave u that disagree

Hideo_Kojima2990d ago

They really suck.

Firstly they didn't even hide the identities of the people they are laughing at and secondly if it wasn't for people who comment on N4G they probably wouldn't get half the hits they get.

If I could I would ban them from posting on N4G as they seem to have no respect what so ever for other N4G users.

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thereapersson2990d ago

The funny thing is, if it weren't for this article being posted on N4G, I wouldn't even know that this site exists.

xabmol2990d ago

That comment was SO predictable....

/s xP

oohWii2990d ago

These guys are pretty funny in their own right. I mean, a big GIANT MAN SANDWICH sitting on a love sofa talking smack about N4G commenters.

They ironic thing is, the complained about the comments and they they went on to make the same type of comments on video for the world to see they stereotypical nerdy

I love my homies to death, but I don't think I have ever sat so close to them that people couldn't see where on ended and the other one began. How funny.

Last, the dude complained about the cussing he see on halo, them with his kid in the room decided to duplicate such know why, because he a responsible

Downtown boogey2990d ago

Another funny thing is that anything they said was no less predictable nor necessary that anything we/you guys usually say.

iamtehpwn2990d ago

*puffs smoke from my pipe* That's some mighty fine trollin' you got there, young lad.

CaptainPunch2990d ago

The most epic comment on N4G today

HighDefinition2990d ago

So are stupid articals, from NO NAME websites.

TheIneffableBob2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

This is kind of what they're talking about. You don't like something so you call it stupid and, because it's not a major site, you call it "NO NAME," trying to discredit its opinion.

BattleAxe2990d ago

Great video, I couldn't agree more. The Halo fanboyism has gotten way out of control, to the point where as one fellow on the video had mentioned, you are willing to submit yourself to a sub-par gaming experience...........with pink armor.

kaveti66162990d ago

That's what you gleaned from this? Really? They're talking about you.

kaveti66162990d ago

They're talking about you.

Traveler2990d ago

Obviously we don't all agree that it is a sub-par gaming experience. That's circular reasoning. I mean, they say it's a sub-par gaming experience and ask why one would want to subject yourself to that, but clearly some of us will play it because we DON'T think it is a sub-par gaming experience.

BattleAxe2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Well Kavetti, I'm not sure what makes you think they're talking about me. Looks like you were just looking for a place to post a comment. And by the way my opinion on Halo is based purely on what I see as far as the actual games go. Its a generic game that sells million because of the MS marketing machine.....can you actually deny that? MS is no joke when it comes to marketing. "best Game Fueled by Dew" ring a bell? You need to put your comments where they actually matter. These guys are talking about the people who make offensive comments because someone has a different opinion of a certain game, and in this case its Halo and I agree with them 100%.

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Parapraxis2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I gotta laugh at the disagrees, Some people need to lighten up , sarcasm rarely communicates well on the internet and many times people who say absurd/ignorant things are not actually dim, but doing it intentionally.
(not saying my comment was absurd BTW, I'm dead serious! =D)

And here's another shocker, there are young people on the internets!
Yes the very same internet tubes that Al Gore helped bring into our homes.
And here's the real kicker, some young kids *gasp* act immature and are un-imformed.

And last but not least are trolls...wait I take that back, they are last and least. DON'T FEED THEM!

Rush2990d ago

That video is awesome, I haven't laughed so much in ages. I mean seriously "three" 40 year old virgins Stereotyping N4G users when they all fall into massive stereotypes themselves.

Seriously guys big fan keep up the videos. I mean no matter how bad a week I have now I always have something to come home too and laugh at.

Btw are you guys closet pedophiles or something, Asking someone to put there 6 year old sister on 1080p is a little creepy.

iPad2990d ago

How can there be 3 virgins of one has children?

Rush2990d ago

That's easy to explain but am trying to keep my insulting comments and general dislike for the guys to a minimum.

Darkstorn2990d ago Show
DA_SHREDDER2990d ago

Bullcrap game reviews are predictable as well.

TheBand1t2990d ago

mrv321 is a 360 fanboy? lolwut

aaronisbla2990d ago

yeah i caught that, was like " since when"?

Christopher2990d ago

A news article on an N4G news article with only 14 comments?

Army_of_Darkness2990d ago

Definitely a great way to get along with your N4G community;)
I think they just made enemies from left(360) & rite(PS3)! lol!

BrutallyBlunt2990d ago

I sure hope that wasn't his son giving a thumbs up during his election campaign because less than minute later he's talking about hillbilly's and homosexuality and using the f bomb. No, it's never my kid who's the problem on XBOX Live. Nah, I'm a responsible parent who would rather have my son sit in front of the TV all day while I sit alone in another room playing WoW.

I know I'm sounding just as bad but the point is why sit there on a couch that sounds like it's covered with plastic crammed with two other guys picking apart peoples comments on forums? I'm pretty sure the average age on N4G is less than 20 anyways, so to target certain members seems rather childish on their part. Not many are impressed with trolls on forums and I'm sure not many are too eager to see videos that are trolling a highly anticipated game. I'd rather listen to Fran Drescher while playing the Beta than that guy. "Oh wow, now they have jetpacks", "listen to that kid on XBOX Live, he sounds like he never went to college like me".

As for the Halo Reach video you can say the same about GT5 or God of War 3 or Gears of War 3. Why change a formula that works? We still haven't even seen or played the single player campaign of Halo Reach so why criticize the game, because it's popular?

Seems to me these guys are just trying to gain attention by mocking one of the biggest games coming out this year and then carrying that over to the forums.

rosebowl232990d ago

its ironic how this article whining about people's comments has a fat gay guy in the picture. that's way more predictable, if you ask me.

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mastiffchild2990d ago

Honestly, what's worse than a few people being a bit daft on N4G? That's right- people thinking they're either being clever pointing it out(and putting way too much effort into doing so too)or , worse, thinking they're amusing by doing so.

If you reply to this kind of thing you run the risk of looking a tool because you have no idea whether people even mean what they post, post ironically, post just to troll and get reactions(in which case this kind of thing is hilarity made video post for them)or were too smashed to even KNOW they posted let alone worry about some guy replying to massage his ego in a very "shooting walrus' in a shoebox" fashion. I just thought it made them look a bit prissy, precious and desperate to look big and clever when they didn't tell anyone anything they didn't already know so on top of it all this was effin pointless.

Seriously, he put this much effort into replying to people who were only winding him up anyway? Lets just pray he never gets, like, an actual problem. If you're posting a video like this it should, really, also be slightly amusing, witty or insightful but this just seems like a blind fumble at making him feel better about being so damn clever compared to us plebs here on N4G. I really shouldn't have said so much myself but I don't like people overreacting and acting so superior. It's distasteful. Making a vid is also trying WAY,WAY too hard as a dignified silence would serve a hell of a lot better.

Didn't he stop to think, btw, that some comments WILL have been made by kids anyway? It's a danger when you have little idea who makes the daft comments and have less clue if they're actual real opinions - oh well. Even if the comments were all genuine, though, what did he expect? Christ, we have industry figures who act no better so what hope does his little vid have of changing anyone's ways? Even Bioware have started acting unprofessionally, criticising peers(with their FF13 outburst), Gabe's been at it for a while, T10 have been doing it, even Zipper got a bit arrogant when MAG wasn't reviewing well so, to me, he's picking a soft target when there are plenty of more serious culprits that SHOULD know better-do I have to send them a video?

Boody-Bandit2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Spot on as usual Mastiff.

Eamon2990d ago

yeah I completely agree mastiffchild.

+1 (Dunno if you can get more than 3 bubbles now but oh well =D)

Boody-Bandit2990d ago

You spelled ironic wrong. /s

Boody-Bandit2990d ago

I sure hope that wasn't your ten year old son giving you a thumbs up during the video. If so? Great parenting! /s

Mo0eY2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

These guys are butt hurt because the commenters speak da TRUTH about Halo. Cry moar.

Also, look at the one whose neck is eating his face. If you look at directly at his belly button, you can see the stains he has from the countless number of bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches he's eaten. LOL.

KillerPwned2990d ago

These guys need to grow up and be men, deal with life. They are just as bad as anyone else starting stuff.

Heisenberg2989d ago

Three grown men behaving like obnoxious 12 year old geeks. I suppose if you read any comment in a super sarcastic, condescending tone it makes it automatically stupid. It's your prerogative to let your kid play a Mature game, just like it's the commenters right to his/her opinion.

If you can't seem to let certain comments roll off your back, and you only want comments that agree with you then don't post your shît here, cause the comments section, like it or not, is part and parcel. You enjoy the benefits of the N4G traffic, you take the bad with the good, you don't go pointing fingers and childishly insulting commenters, it's for lack of a better word, douchey. You're doing exactly what you say you dislike about those "fanboys" in the comment section, only you recorded yourselves doing it.

I suggest you find another site to use, one that doesn't bring out the whiney little bitch in you.

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SKCShifty2990d ago ShowReplies(3)
alphakennybody2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

LOL so true

just find the right word that they wanna hear and ZING! you get 50 agrees/ in less than a minute and the typical chains of replies like " totally 100% agree man" do the opposite and 70 agrees disagrees and lose bubbles faster than the time it take speedy gonzalez to steal a cheese.

Silentmerc3nary2990d ago

Couldn't have said it better my self.

Raf1k12990d ago

Can't argue with it TBH but then again people in general are predictable since we all end up in a routine of some sort. Games websites and their reviews are are another thing that's predictable.

This article is just pointing out the obvious.

primesuspect2990d ago ShowReplies(13)
ThatCanadianGuy2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )


You make a response video filled with just as much immaturity as the same comments you took so much offense from?
Well, if it wasn't for them, you wouldn't have anything to submit to N4G.And i would have no idea your little site even exists.

And thus, the circle of life on the internet continues.

Greywulf2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

So if fanboys are so pathetic, and so dimwitted, what do these guys(losers) get out of it? Its like knocking a little girl off their tri-cycle. These guys look to be in their late 20's early 30's complaining about what some child on n4g wrote. Then they fit the sad gamer stereotype that we are all familiar with. Overweight, disheveled, goat-tee, its the pot calling the kettle black here.

Imagine these guys going to a school yard to belittle children, its the same exact thing. If guys like this spent less time critisizing the way the internet works, you know, how everyone online is a gigantic as$hole due to anonymity..? And more time covering game news, there would be less of a chance for trolls to feed on.

1 group of nerds calling another group out for being nerds.

You're all losers, including myself. But I'm not going to bash anyone for it to pretend im better. Its one facet of your personality, the gaming hobby.

Enjoy your handful of hits I guess. But you cant prove that you're better than anyone by stooping to their level.

8thnightvolley2990d ago

DUDE u just took the words out of my mouth ... they have even proven to be a super silly breed... took the immaturity to a whole new level and made a vid of with the dna on it... its bad enough to have ur profile riddled with crap.. now u put a face to it... looool