The Truth About Modern Warfare (And Why I Hate It)

In the year 2007, I inserted a Blu-Ray game into my PS3 that I will never forget. I fell in love immediately with Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, as this game presented one of the smoothest First Person Shooter experiences I had ever been a part of. I was ignorant to the fact that part of that "smoothness" was simply the "Aim Assist" that Infinity Ward threw into the game for the less skilled players who were picking up an FPS for the first time. I was ignorant to the perks like "Juggernaut" and "Martyrdom" and the kill streaks, which were also extra incentives for new FPS players to balance out steep learning curves and skill levels. I was ignorant to a lot of the "flaws" of the original Mordern Warfare, because at the end of the day, I was enjoying myself while playing it.

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Alcon Caper2841d ago

YAY another crappy blog gets approved. And N4G falls another notch into oblivion...

cyborg69712841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I agree this site has just been spewing out crap. Cod 4 was obviously catered to noobs from the get go. Did this guy just start gaming or what. But it was fun cause all of my friends had it and we were all on all the time.
@ Below no duh. that's what I said didn't you read where I said I was on it all the time cause I had fun with my friends. Come on smokey.
Edit 2. I think a lot of gamers grew tired of the perks killstreak thing and are looking to get kills and be killed not by some bot or nuke but with a gun.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2841d ago

Might have catered to noobs but it was still an amazing game. One of my favourite FPS ever.

vickers5002840d ago

The call of duty games are skill simulators. That's why (except for mw2) they're so fun: is that the game gives you the feeling of being a badass. Looking at your score in the end and thinking "damn, I did pretty good!". Of course there is no real skill involved in the game, but they're fun (not mw2), and isn't that why we play games? For fun?

I feel sorry for you elitists that can ONLY have fun with tactical shooters. I can have fun with both CoD4 and Killzone 2. By having that smug attitude of "I only play tactical games, *sniffs own farts*", you're missing out.

duplissi2840d ago

good point.

but i still dont like MW2....

vickers5002839d ago

Neither do I. That's why throughout my comment, I put in exceptions in parenthesis. MW2 sucks. I'm defending the call of duty games though, not modern warfare 2.

WhatARump2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Point: I find Modern Warfare 2 a fun game to play with friends.
Proof: While playing I said "Yay" at one point.
Analysis: My words were an expression of enjoyment therefore proving that I enjoy Modern Warfare 2 and thus, I strongly disagree with this article.

mcslick1012840d ago

He's right though, the game's simple. It's not like your traditional CS or Arma games. It's now THE generic easy-to-play shooter which has drawn a range of fans in. Even on the PC the gamers are less tactical about play, unlike BF, CS or even OPF.

ShinRyuHadoken2840d ago

'The Truth About Modern Warfare (And Why I Hate It)'

I do understand this guy. Me too got sometimes sick off it. The auto aim is the evil fom this game.

For example I'm a sniper with a intervention I also get killed easy by a SMG gun from a noob stands 2 miles away. Fuck that auto aim!!! MW2 is better to run around and shoot with a shotgun. Cause sniping ins't fun when you got killed by an smg with 2 miles distance!

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moho-foe2841d ago

COD is becoming more like Medal of Honor "milked and forgotten" wile it sounds like Medal of Honor is becoming more like COD "selling Millions of Units Day 1"

samoon2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Seriously I can relate with this article.

I fell in love with COD4, and though I had a few minor complaints with it, it was almost perfect, and then they promised to fix those problems and make a true Modern Warfare sequel,

HOLY SH1T did they screw up big time with MW2.....

Hotel_Moscow2841d ago

i say stay away from fps for now their all the same just adding features that should never be added to a game

scratch that its just the way the industry is going from competitive play to get better gaming when there was 2 ways to play a game learn the combos and levels and such or just have it come naturally

duplissi2840d ago

i second that.

just maxxed out my assault class, and now im working on medic. squad rush is a blast!

Kerrby2841d ago

Yeah agreed.

COD4 was easily GOTY for 2007, one of the best FPS ever made.

Then they ruined everything with MW2. So I have no sympathy for Infinity Ward after spewing out the crap that is MW2.

bjornbear2840d ago

thats mainly why I'm so vehement with my opinion against was an insult to what COD4 represented:

a fun, solid FPS experience (online and off)

Supraman2841d ago

Im sick and tired of people complaining about auto aim. It rarely ever happens. It took me a year to realize there was such a thing in cod4. I noticed it when I was just stationary and didnt have my controller in my hand and an enemy walked passed me and the cursor kinda followed him. The thing is as soon as you touch the joystick as the auto aim follows the enemy it deactivates. All you bitches that complain about mw problems just really suck. Play me if you think otherwise. PSN Supraman21 or FPS-Balla

BattleAxe2841d ago

Lol, I agree, the so called auto aim isn't good enough to allow you to kill someone, it basically just alerts you to someones presence.

My only issue with MW2 was that I was hoping for a bit of a graphical update. Otherwise its a solid and well supported title. Gamers just need to get over this senseless hate for CoD. The next CoD is gonna be hot.

kneon2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The auto aim is only one issue I have with MW2, and one of the most minor at that. The biggest issue is the ridiculous perk combos that are available. It just makes the game stupid when half the players I running around at warp speed knifing all the time. And then of course there are all the idiot nuke boosters. Hunting them down is only fun for a while, it quickly grows old.

I think I played for less than a month online before I moved back to Killzone 2 and then later on to MAG. BF:BC2 didn't fare any better, bored after a few weeks.

BattleAxe2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I'm a KZ2 fan also, but what I've noticed about MW2 is when you play hardcore TDM ect... you don't get nukes at all, because people are generally not running around all over the place. I very rarely see people running around with the commando perk on Hardcore, and if they do they usually get killed alot. Give Hardcore modes a try, you might like it. I like Battlefield: BC2 mainly because of the destructable environments and the vehicles. It just offers a bit of a different experience.

kneon2841d ago

Hardcore mode is better, the only problem is that my trigger finger is faster than the part of my brain the identifies team mates :)

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2841d ago

The auto aim is very noticable when sniping. Someone runs past the guy your aiming at and your scope gets pulled away after him. Or quick scoping. Without auto aim it would be harder.

The thing that really annoys me is when you shoot at the same time as someone else and your bellets won't hit, even though your aiming at them. Or sometimes if I shoot first and it knocks their guns aim onto my head and I die.

cyborg69712841d ago

The auto aim is so over the top in this and other cod's that it would kill me more than help. When firing on an enemy, another would come into view and pull my gun towards the newer enemy sooo lame.

ThaTruthMVP2841d ago

what I spoke of in the article, very annoying

jagstatboy2840d ago

Agree with Supraman, people act like MW has auto-aim like Goldeneye did.

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retrofly2841d ago

Oh look somone else who doesn't like MW2, big deal dont play it, see if the other 10 million us really care.

Ironfungus2841d ago

Yeah, I guess the bottom-feeders of the "gaming" culture wouldn't really know the difference from an easy-mode pile of shit and a game that actually requires some skill.

CellularDivision2841d ago

Dont most games have an easy mode? UC2 does. So does GOW3. And so do the MGS games. They also have a hard mode, and so does COD.

I guess the people that play easy mode on games are "bottom-feeders" of the gaming culture, and are not real gamers, lol.
Do you realize how dumb that sounds?

bjornbear2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

not single player

"easy mode" online as in, an online game that doesn't necessarily require traditional gaming skills, but instead rewards those who exploit the game's weaknesses to gain an unfair advantage over their "fair playing" opponent.

obviously almost every single player experience has easymode *facepalm* just owned yourself

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