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Koku writes: "Alan Wake is greedy; it wants to be so many media formats I don’t know where to begin. Obviously the game is a ‘game’, but is divided up into episodes much like a TV show, with cliffhangers and credit music (that takes a frustratingly large amount of time to finish), followed up a catch up cut scene describing the plot so far at the beginning of each new section. Once again comparisons have to be drawn to shows like Lost and 24; the game situates its narrative in a realm previously only held by American dramas."

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elicymet2991d ago

The first paragraph of the review alone is brilliant.

I know it probably falls short of being "Twin Peaks the Game" but I really like the idea of its pursuit of different styles within the medium.

SpaceSquirrel2991d ago

Very informative review. I'll pick up Alan Wake when it comes out next week.

lh_swe2991d ago

I am playing the game right now, where in the world are you? And why are they such a-holes? It's brilliant, atmospheric (and scary, especially on a 46 inch LED Bravia surround sound and no lights with the volume quite loud), gameplay is very nice and the story very engaging. I definetly recomend this game.

Xeall2991d ago

UK got the title today and I believe the rest of Europe too. US gamers have to wait until the 18th

BattleAxe2991d ago

42" Bravia....yep, nothing like playing games on Sony hardware :)

lh_swe2991d ago

Never really thought about it but that is kinda funny isn't it? Since I am currently playing a 360 game that is.

cb8102991d ago

I've always been a fan of Remedy Entertainment

Xeall2991d ago

While the game sounds very good, the flaws expressed by the reviewer do seem relevent to the score. No matter the score, it sounds like Remedy fans will be happy enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.