Sega Pushes Xbox 360 and PSP This Year

Adriasang: Sega says that it plans 15 Xbox 360 SKUs for the year. PS3 and Wii get 11 SKUs each.

Additionally, Sega expects 360 to be its biggest platform in terms of overall software sales, with 2.66 million units. For PS3, Sega expects 2.52 million units. For Wii, Sega expects 1.55 million.

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SKCShifty2868d ago ShowReplies(7)
MaideninBlack2868d ago

Then they'll release them along side the releases of Gears of War 3, Halo( whatever ), Call of Duty, Crisis..etc and wonder why noone bought their games.

Theonik2868d ago

That is the sad truth. VC had very underwhelming sales on PS3 because of hen it came out. It is sad because it was actually a very good games and now a proper console sequel is unlikely. (they will stick to PSP where the development costs are low)
Development cost is also why they are more eager to supporting the 360 now. (as well as more competition for now on PS3.)

kevnb2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

console owners all buy the same 5-10 games every year (for the most part). 95% of games on console sell poorly, this is why publishers are losing money like crazy on the consoles this generation. Heck how many people do you knw who own only guitar hero and call of duty? VC sold poorly because it has a very limited audience on a console, honestly I dont know anybody who would like that game despite it being good.

dizzleK2867d ago

you speak the truth. publishers are left fighting over the small % that didn't blow their allowance on the overhyped flavor of the minute.

Chris3992868d ago

With a moderate development budget and NO advertising. It did well enough to warrant a continuation of the series on the PSP, and I'm sure a PS3 iteration will come in due course.

Theonik2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I don't know. On the PSP version they even took down all the story that was layed out on the PS3 and the anime. Based on that i don't think they have plans fro another PS3 VC game and will keep it to PSP.
@Obama: Never said Lost Odysey sales were not underwhelming as well. I'm sure Sega hoped to sell more than 1M copies with VC.

Obama2867d ago

VC has more sales than Lost Odessey, and I thought people say that game has decent sales.

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97gsx2868d ago

I am sorry in advance but I honestly do not see the reasoning for a japanese software company to back the 360. Unless big checks are involved I am dumbfounded.

ZombieAutopsy2868d ago

because the ps2 killed the dreamcast /s

RageAgainstTheMShine2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

like SquareEnix, Sega Tri Ace sold their souls to M$.

kevnb2868d ago

im surprised there are no pc figures. It seems to me the total war series is one of segas biggest games series...

K-man002868d ago

Show a lot of PSP love because there will be Yakuza PSP.

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