VGT: Lost Planet 2 Review

VGT writes: "Following up on the popular, yet critically panned Lost Planet (our 2007 review), Capcom is attempting to capture the magic that had players clamoring over the title over 3 years ago. The original title was structured around the story of Wayne, a young man suffering from amnesia and thrown into an epic battle over the colonization on a frozen wasteland of a planet. Fast forward 10 years and we enter into the story of Lost Planet 2. Oddly, Capcom didn’t think Wayne was charismatic enough to return as the main character. In fact, the story is somewhat disjointed as each level focuses on a different faction on the frozen planet (EDN III). Capcom didn’t help with presenting this story progression either as it’s extremely convoluted. Without any specific character to relate to, missions feel more arcade-like rather than part of a sweeping narrative".

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