Top Ten Badass Things Call of Duty: Black Ops Needs

Mark Fujii of TheGameReviews writes: "As awesome as Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops announcement teaser was, it really didn’t reveal a whole lot about the game. Presumably because it was edited by an ADHD affected child armed with a pair of scissors. All the action was unnecessarily distorted, providing almost nothing aside from an unwelcome epileptic seizure. However, a few things could be deduced. The game is set in Vietnam. People get shot in the face and spacemen are involved. That’s pretty badass. But is it badass enough? Even with the franchise’s penchant for packing in more explosions and mindless violence than a collaboration between Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, Call of Duty: Black Ops needs more. Like these ten totally badass things."

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poopnscoop2712d ago ShowReplies(3)
lolcatz2712d ago

Having multiplayer that wasn't completely glitched and broken like MW2 would be an awesome start.

Tempist2712d ago

Better idea, how about they just shelve Madden; modern-.... sorry Call of Duty for a few years, wait and try something new and original. COD has seriously been played out.

The only thing worse than WW2 game after WW2 game is COD game after COD game every year. The quality isn't good, no matter how much people are like 'LOL EPIC COD STORY!!!' because who playes the SP of COD besides reviewers and people who can't afford XBL?

There are two other wars they can cover in a game. I'd like to see them tackle the American Civil war or the Korean War. That would be something new.

shoinan2712d ago

More games need more zombies.

Haly2712d ago

Yup, zombies are always a good call.

Brewski0072712d ago

Yeah zombies had the "replay" factor and unique clutch for WAW and i came back to it just to play it. More of the same please treyarch, but harder better faster stronger please!

DarkSpawnClone2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

i would like a 8 player nazi zombies imo i just thought zombies would be cool with 8 players and even MORE zombies lol Der rise is the best zombie map EVER! Pack a punch owns,i got the waffle and the ray gun at the same time managed to get the ray gun upgraded almost got the waffle upgraded but then some one did some thing stupid and died, some one tried to heal him and then we all died :P wish i could get that combo again only ever got it once lol i actually want this if its going to have zombies again.

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mr durand pierre2712d ago

I don't think it was multiple protagonists that made the player characters hard to appreciate, but rather the fact that they're silent. The only protagonist I ever gave a damn about was Captain Price and only because you got to view him as a talking, third-person character during other missions. I think that different protagonists crossing paths would be great, so we can see them as NPCs to build a stronger bond.

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