Britxbox: Dead to Rights: Retribution Review

Leigh Sherval writes: "Halfway through Dead to Rights: Retribution, a military goon describes our hero, Jack Slate, over the radio as being “a big Caucasian male with a big dog.” It’s true; Jack is huge and wouldn’t look out of place running a gauntlet with Marcus Fenix. Big man, big dog, big violence. It earns the 18 certificate but does it spend too much time revelling in mindless carnage?

DTR:R is not a sequel. The franchise was never particularly popular so it seems odd that Namco chose to resurrect it but this is very different in tone to its forbearers. Set in Grant City, Jack Slate is on the war path. There’s murder, conspiracy, melodrama and constant swearing. When Slate puts a bullet in yet another person’s face he does so through a grimace, and then hurls some verbal abuse their way for good measure. He may or may not insult your mum."

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