3D Dot Game Heroes: First Impressions I GoozerNation

Ah, the memories! You remember the good old days, don't you? Rushing home from school to pop your Legend of Zelda cartridge into your Nintendo for what was sure to be hours of fun, then popping the cartridge back out and blowing furiously on it before popping it back in with the fervent hope that this time it would work. You do? Dude, you are so old, but I've got good news for you. Now you can relive those days in surprisingly accurate detail, and all in 3D. And you don't even have to blow a cartridge--bonus! 3D Dot Game Heroes is released, and it's time to go back to those glory days, and maybe share them with the younger generation at the same time. Amy Nelson at GoozerNation shares first impressions of the game.

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retrovertigo2841d ago

This game looks soooooo cool! I loved the original Legend of Zelda (and I'm currently loving Darksiders -- which is VERY Zeldaesque!)