GameZone: Need for Speed - Shift iPad Review

GameZone's James Pikover writes,

"Need for Speed: Shift is more of an experiment than anything else: the first racing game from EA on the iPad. And it succeeds, greatly in fact, save for a few easy in-game hacks. They built a simple, intuitive game and it’s one of the first actually enjoyable portable racing games that have come out in years. At $15, we’re hard pressed to simply announce it an excellent buy, but a game this good would otherwise be $30-$40 on today’s other portable consoles, so realistically this is a great deal."

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kimvidard2987d ago

once you've swallowed the 700$ you forked out for the Ipad that is...

athmaus2987d ago

i woudl like one if it was given to me :)

mistermostyn2987d ago

Can't really get my head around the iPad as a gaming device. I don't think I'll ever want to let go of the conventional game controller. Still, good to see Shift's doing well.

AlexC2987d ago

I can't stand games that use the accelerometer exclusively... I just feel it's too gimicky of a control scheme.