Publishers Like SouthPeak Will be Closed Within 5 Years

Craig Hasselback: "The game industry is constantly evolving where trends come and go while the names typically stay the same. Despite the players always jockeying for first place in the eyes of the consumer, most of those players stick around once they enter the industry. EA, Take 2 and SouthPeak are examples.

But thanks to the latest evolution (or trend) in gaming, the face of the gaming world has changed so fast that many of those players may disappear very soon."

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vgn243113d ago

Companies who once could pressure small developers into selling rights to their games on the cheap are losing ground fast. I think it's karma!

SpoonyRedMage3113d ago

I kind of hope not, SouthPeak's content overall might not be great but they do put out the occasional gem. But this is because of he HD market, these publishers need to adapt more to the lower entry market like the Wii, Portables and Download services.

The key to success is to not overindulge but to keep a dedicated.

N4GAddict3112d ago

It would suck for the employees too.

BattersUp3112d ago

Southpeak sucks . I hope they lose everything. Hail to the Chimp? Yuck.

N4GAddict3112d ago

They did make some pretty bad decisions in the past.

PirateThom3112d ago

SouthPeak are bringing 3D Dot Game Heroes to Europe... you can't hate.

N4GAddict3112d ago

Buy that game. It's awesome.

vgn243112d ago

They're just the localizing publisher. Atlus did all the translations. It's pure luck that SouthPeak picked up the rights for Europe. Not like they made the game.

nefertis3112d ago

TwoWorlds ran there company in the ground.

vgn243112d ago

to a point. Their CEO fudging numbers and faking sales on paper to meet expectations really did them in. Two Worlds just happened to be an over-hyped piece of garbage that ticked off gamers who bought it.

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