Microsoft Trumpets Splinter Cell Sales, Sony Talks PS3 Growth

Teasing plans to "make entertainment history" at E3 next month, Microsoft spun NPD's April 2010 retail video game revenue report as a tale of irate ex-NSA ops, multiplayer betas, and "industry-leading" attach rates.

While Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction sold less than half a million copies, it grabbed the top slot in April's lackluster software sales, holding off dual threats from Nintendo's portable Pokemon remakes, and surging ahead of Sony's PS3 exclusive God of War III, which had moved over a million units in March.

Microsoft also hailed its Halo: Reach public beta as a "blockbuster" success, claiming over one million unique players participated in the game's inaugural day. The beta wraps on May 19, and Halo: Reach is due out sometime this fall.

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soxfan20052985d ago

Nintendo, Sony, & MS all spin the numbers and the news to make themselves look as good as possible. They all spend BIG money on PR.

krouse932985d ago

Sony really is benefiting year over year with growth though while Microsoft may have had the most profit over all they dropped from the previous year's profit as well as Nintendo. Sony is the only company to grow.

KingME2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If your numbers were lagging to start with, then it doesn't take much to increase year over year. Now before all the PS3 fanboys get pissed off hear me out.

I'm not say that the PS3 is not doing great. I am glad to see the improvement and strides that the PS3 has made to this point. However, I do feel that although it is good that PS3 sales has increased year over year, if you look at the years prior to 2009, the PS3 had nowhere to go but up.

So I guess what's i'm saying is that I'm not surprised with the PS3 year over year sales. Now if the wii was still increasing year over year that would be something special being that it has been kicking butt from the onset.

Interesting how the title reads Microsoft "trumpets"...Sony "talks".

N4G should have included a flamebait category, where the user can click a flamebait button to get a story removed. This one as with most of them are simply flamebait.

Christopher2985d ago

***However, I do feel that although it is good that PS3 sales has increased year over year, if you look at the years prior to 2009, the PS3 had nowhere to go but up. ***

You do realize that the PS3 is the third fastest selling console behind the Wii and the PS2 and ahead of the 360, right? I know the PS3 is still struggling to catch up to the 360, but it's doing it and while making tons of mistakes along the way. And, 360 has been doing an excellent job of bumping up the numbers to stay ahead of the PS3 like crazy as well.

I'm not saying Sony is the best, but I honestly think people don't realize how well Sony is doing with all the freaking chances they've taken going with Blu-ray, cell processor, removing BC, and having to deal with Microsoft and their seemingly endless wallet and best online tool XBL.

HolyOrangeCows2985d ago

Lackluster sales for a lackluster game.

IdleLeeSiuLung2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I beg to differ. Sony is doing well now despite all the setbacks, but considering they trumpet everything in the last 2 generations, with the developer support, the advantageous Japanese market and their brand name we expected Sony to obliterate everyone.

In the end, Sony are fighting for 2nd place and finding it hard to make a profit from their business. Likewise MS aren't likely to profit from the current generation after the investment due to the RROD, but they now got a serious business with branding and a business model that gives them a lot of profit.

The original Xbox was a joke in the industry while Sony on the flip side had a thriving business only to end up unprofitable and fighting for 2nd place.

You can say whatever you want, but the only positive out of the PS3 so far for Sony is winning the Blu-Ray war.... which arguably won because of a payout not due to the PS3.

ranivus2985d ago

Both systems have been out for over 5 years, if you don't have both by now then you're just living in low income housing or you live in your parents house that wont let you have more than one system. Neither is going to bankrupt anytime soon so why argue about it.
Its fun news to read but these pointless quabbles really make you look stupid. BTW, 500,000 in sales = success. Unless you live in japan where 50,000 in sales = success (and is why games sell for $90)

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If you want to look at it from the perspective of they had it all last gen and should have had it now, I think we'd all have that outlook.

But, honestly, while I see the potential of having a relationship with developers, I don't see the huge generation leap from last gen to this gen as well as using yet another foreign and hard to develop for system as a huge clean slate for Sony on so many levels. And Microsoft already had a strong presence in the market with the XBox and has pumped a massive amount of money from their non-game-related software sales divisions into getting third-parties to move towards their console. Even further, it's an American product that sells primarily in the U.S., where the majority of game sales come from.

I'm not saying Sony is doing great, again. What I'm saying is that looking at this as if Sony went in with a 120 million user-base is like saying Vista went in with a 95% share of the market. Shouldn't Microsoft have captured that market easily?

It really isn't as easy as saying as such, IMHO. And there are so many variables that were unexpected that this generation has been so confusing on many levels - RRoD, huge issue with BC, Blu-ray vs. HD, Cell Processing, Wii, and so much more.

/agree for good debate on your part

IdleLeeSiuLung2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

My point being that Sony had the advantage regardless of how you look at it. You could argue that Sony had to start over, but they made many poor choices that led to this situation.

Things are improving and Stringer I think is the best thing to happen to Sony in a long time.

Despite all that, if you look at it you realize Nintendo gain the largest market share from being third and has a very profitable business (profitable console sale and first party game sales). MS moved up from being second to sell so far twice the Xbox original user base and has a great business model to the detriment of their consumers i.e. high accessory prices.

Sony got Blu-Ray... Sony still barely has a profitable gaming business.

Don't get me wrong, Sony has done great in turning around their business and given their situation I thought they were about to die, but their resilience is amazing. They have done great with their studios something MS seems unable to do.

In terms of Vista, it's not the same comparison. People don't move over to Vista, just because it is out. There is no real user gain necessarily in moving up Vista from XP let alone the fact that there are software incompatibilities and much needed hardware upgrade. Moving from a PS2 to a PS3, there is markedly different graphics. With that said, that is a completely different topic with a completely different set of circumstances. We can discuss MS failures all day long as they have had many!

Anyhow, it is refreshing to have a discussion with someone that doesn't just outright dismiss and ignore your comment only to return with a snark trolling comment.

I will give you an agree for good debate on your part.

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FACTUAL evidence2985d ago

bu bu but, splintzer shellz iz teh AAA!

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PS360_372985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Who approves this crap. How is any of this news. Its all flamebait. My god. And people like you SKCShifty eat it up.

BeaArthur2985d ago

That's all it's bin all weak. Apparently the new N4G isn't flame retardant.

bjornbear2985d ago

at least with that people had a place to dump their, its littering the "cleaner" neighbourhood

however its also the fault of the article and the article title =/

people need to stop approving this trash, its down to the community as you say

Obama2985d ago

"While Xbox 360 exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction sold less than half a million copies"

Would have thought that it would at least reach 1 million by now due to the hype. Guess not.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Actually the game is not worth it for a buy in my opinion. I thought it was watching the trailers and gameplay, playing it in my PC, changed my mind. But for anyone that have a PS3 only, SCC is more worth it for a rent, the campaign is very short. Multiplayer is fun, but is more for a rent.

PS360_372985d ago

its on my gamefly list :)

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Double post =/.

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