Iwata and Miyamoto: Business Ascetics - An Excerpt from Nintendo Magic

Gamasutra is pleased to present an excerpt from Nintendo Magic: Winning the Video Game Wars, a new book by Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporter Osamu Inoue which provides a fresh window into the company that's risen to new heights of success with the Wii and DS. The book is out now in the U.S. via book publisher Vertical.

"On my business card, I'm a company president... But my mind's that of a game developer... And at heart, I am a gamer." - Iwata

"Sending text messages is way more fun for them than any game we make. If we made a game where you have to type a certain message as fast as possible and competed nationwide, that'd probably be the most fun game in Japan." - Miyamoto

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turok2984d ago

Didnt know iwata was a gamer lol. he even contributed to smash bros lol.