GamesRadar: Medal of Honor Gameplay Impressions

Or should that name be Medal of Battlefield? No that'd be ridiculous, but there are massive comparisons between this and DICE's stellar shooter that can't be denied. And not just the multiplayer, which is definitely being developed by the Bad Company team, but the single player too.

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Breakfast2843d ago

Looks like no one is too impressed with the single player demo. Been their done that....but lets be honest, no one buys fps' for the single player lets just wait and see what DICE can pull off in the multiplayer.

N4GAddict2843d ago

The market is getting too over saturated with FPS

Paradise2842d ago

Since the end of the 6th generation the market has been over saturated with FPS's.

Mo0eY2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Holy crap. A Medal of Honor made by Dice? Effin' DAY ONE.

wicko2842d ago

Well, its only the MP. EA LA is doing SP. But yeah, Day one for me too, can't get enough of Bad Company 2!

secksi-killer2842d ago

that i have to give my money to ea for this game if the multiplayer turns out to good.

do we have any release dates yet??

worm20102842d ago

if you think the market has been over saturated with FPS's don't buy them

hamoor2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

i hate when some one is bitching about fps games and how they dominate the market
Its like they are forced to buy every fps game out there.
We had a lot of tps,rpg,platform,racing,fighti ng games this gen
And no fps games are not generic just look at portal,bioshock,half life2
And to be honest i guess that jrpg games are more generic than fps
Its the same cheesy scenes with dudes with huge swords and crazy hair with bunny/cat ears girls with magical powers

duplissi2842d ago

yeah, i know.... just cherry pick the good ones.... all ive bought for fps's in the last year and a half is chroncles of riddick (never played the original), Killzone 2, modern warfare 2 (bought into the hype... was disgusted traded it in 4 days later), and bad company 2,

i am however highly anticipating MOH because if they nail the atmosphere and feeling of that last trailer.... i love games that push the boundaries of the narrative/immersion, and make you feel.

Gamer luv2842d ago

It doesn't do what other games have done and take my breath away, is it me or is anyone else really getting bored of the same old shoot the bad guy move on die shoot another bad guy etc...

One thing that puts me of almost instantly reading this is learning DICE is making it, battlefield looks great, really pretty but the colour palette (for me) makes it look to cartoony. I also dont particly like the movement of the charecters in battlefield or the way the gun reacts (just my opinion)


Is this a game published by EA, on PS3 360 Wii DS PSP and mobiles?

Ju2842d ago

EA on PS3, 360, PC (?)

TheProfessional2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

No Breakfast, thats not the way it is and thats not the way it should ever be. You want to tell me that no one buys games for single player anymore? Let me tell YOU a couple or three things: Forget Bioshock 1&2. Forget Just Cause 2. Forget Prototype. Forget Dead Space.

In real life: Single player campaigns are an extremely important part of every game and some of the best games of all time are SP only or have long campaigns with sequences not possible in multi. Bulls**t like 4-5 hour COD campaigns should not be tolerated now that games are more expensive than ever at $65 a piece. (Those pr|cks at Activision even charged $60 for the PC version. Thats blasphemous and insulting.)

Multiplayer of course is and can be excellent especially in a game like Bad Company 2. Even still, who here can say that BC2 wouldn't have benefitted from a longer and more legitimate campaign?

Single player is the origin of gaming. Single player games are where most of us got our start. Not only that but I like playing through a story, having multiple missions/levels, character development, cutscenes, etc. Campaigns should never be phased out for multi.

And since EA is splitting the SP and MP development for the new MOH it could truly be the best modern war game since BC2 and Dragon Rising if it has a long, Mature campaign AND great multi handled by DICE.

xYLeinen2842d ago

Totally agree with your statement. A single player campaign is tremendously important in every game. Do you people realize most people buy games for the single player experience?

Yes you may think that you consider yourself as a hardcore player and only will be playing multiplayer, but this ain't the case for 70-80% of the people with jobs, families etc. They barely got time to play games and when they do they play single player mostly. Most of those doesn't even have the time to complete a single player campaign.

thehitman2842d ago

in Shooters hate when their crappy though or short. Also usually when I beat a shooter campaign when I jump into the mutliplayer I have a heightened sense of the game and do much better than others who dont take the time to learn anything and jump straight into the mutliplayer. I remember playing Res when it released and me and my friend were so-so online 1 K/D ratio but after we beat the story together we jumped to like a 2-3:1 K/D ratio just picking ppl apart together. Same thing happened in the first MW had steady 1 K/D after beat campaign start having some serious pro games.

duplissi2842d ago

think of it this way

its 5 years down the road and your feeling nostalgic, you want to play that game that you always used to play, but surprise that once great multiplayer is all gone (servers shut down..) and all your left with is a piece of SH*T single player that lacks substance and is criminally short.


yeah i know ive only had more time lately cause im only working part time now..... layoffs ftl....

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