Pachter: Insomniac nuts for not going multiplatform

PSUNI: Insomniac Games, our beloved PlayStation developer, has been providing Sony with key franchises for years. Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance; all have been corner stone products from a studio that puts out AAA titles year-on-year, every year. Industry analyst Michael Pachter, who we don’t often listen to, thinks the studio is making a mistake with this exclusive approach.

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zootang2712d ago

Maybe Sony look after these studios. So a good working relationship can be worth more than money. IW had all the money in the world

GWAVE2712d ago

Yeah. Insomniac is nuts to go multiplatform, and it would benefit gamers on all platforms, right? I mean, just look at how awesome FF13 turned out...

*rolls eyes*

Exclusivity = quality. Not to say that every exclusive game is quality, but on average...oh, you get the point.

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silvacrest2712d ago

im sure you enjoyed it but me and others could not even bring our self's to finish the game

thats not to take anything away from good multiplats, i loved batam AA

cant wait for AA2

Theonik2712d ago

"Not to say that every exclusive game is quality, but on average...oh, you get the point."
He did say that not all exclusives are quality. What he meant was that exclusives have more time and resources dedicated to optimising the game to one platform rather than having to port the game over and spend time to make the ports identical.

BeaArthur2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

GWAVE...FF13 was going to be the same game whether it was on the 360 or not. I know it's easy for you to try and blame the 360 as though Microsoft somehow coaxed SE into redoing everything they had already worked on in order to move it to the 360 but that just isn't the case. It was way into development before the 360 version was announced.

I don't care if Insomniac wants to go multiplat because I would still by all of their games on the PS3 but unless Sony is willing to grease the wheels they should do whats best for their company. Going multiplat can only increase sales.

SaiyanFury2712d ago

Nuts for not going multiplatform? Why? Because the company they develop for shows them love and gives them lots of perks? Plus, as far as I've seen most of their fans are all PS gamers. Yeah they could go multi and spread themselves out. But why not remain at home, focus on your core audience and keep delivering the amazing triple-A games again and again?

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playstation_clan2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

and how is bungie turning out?

EDIT: so developing on the 360 will improve them? FF13, that is all

gamingisnotacrime2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Imsomniac this gen has done things that are not possible on the 360
Resistance 1 32 multiplyer
Resistance 2 ?? multiplayers
Ratchet series CGI visuals (some say Pixar but i think that is pushing it)

Just imagine Imsomniac developers, after being used to BluRay capacity and Cell powered engines going back to DVD and ok hardware. that would be insane, NO DOUBT the quality would suffer, they would just deliver "another" game to the multiplat crowd

Oh and with the PS3 hot hot hot momentum, Why the Fk would they go multi now after enduring PS3's worst years, they know the best is yet to come for the PS3 expansion (domination i say)

IdleLeeSiuLung2712d ago


Exclusivity = quality?

I can name plenty of exclusive games that are turds on all systems.

Meryl2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

^^ so can i but most of them are on x360 or wii, it's very rare to see a bad ps3 exclusive

booni32712d ago

but i highly doubt a bit shinier graphics would have changed that.

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TOO PAWNED2712d ago

Pachter is an idiot, we already know that. I guess MM guys should have asked this money hungry pig what to do instead. I am sure they have good reason for being with Sony, something this twat cant understand.

Kain812712d ago

Well said my friend^^

evilmonkey5012712d ago

how many bubbles does it take to actually get a new bubblz now? 10? lol

Spydiggity2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

what an incredibly hypocritical thing to say. you may not agree with everything he says, but it's obvious by listening to the man speak that he's hardly an idiot.

i don't agree with much of what he says either. i do, however, recognize that he has FAR more exposure to the industry than we do and knows quite a bit more about trends, money, profits, etc...than 99% of the people on n4g.

no, my friend. i do agree that there is an idiot here, pachter just isn't one of them.

only a fanboy can use a flawed rationale to determine that someone is an idiot merely for expressing a contradicting opinion. how n4g. what a shame that this is now how the rest of us think of n4g. a haven for the lowest form of gamer...a fanboy.

Andronix2712d ago

In this generation there is a roughly split in market between the 360 and PS3, so multi-format makes sense for developers. But when Epic keep Gears of War a 360 exclusive, or Insomniac keep their games PS3 exclusive, then they are doing it because they have a financial or contractual reason for doing so.

Christopher2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Actually, Pachter has said on many occasions that the next Gears should be multiplatform. Pachter honestly believes that there won't be anymore third-party exclusives in the future, only timed and DLC exclusives.

Hate him or not, I can at least respect him for holding an industry-wide opinion rather than one relegated to just one console when it comes to exclusives and third-parties.

As far as Insomniac... there's obviously one heck of a good reason those guys have stuck with Sony all these years. Perhaps it's the team, perhaps it's the benefits, perhaps it's the ladies... whatever it is, it's unlikely that they will be going out just to do multiplatform with whatever it is Sony is doing to keep them happy.

techie2712d ago

He says that in the very same interview actually...but that Epic won't listen.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2712d ago

you people are forgetting one huge important point.

Sony's the publisher of all Insomniac games. If they go multiplat then who's going to publish their games? EA, THQ, Activision?

Insomniac makes big money because Sony pay for everything and considerin that they are a small indie company I do not think they have the power to do multiplat development without another big company funding the project.

Mc Fadge2712d ago

I'm not sure I'd call Insomniac small or indie...

Mo0eY2712d ago

My prediction: Insomniac won't go multiplatform.

Great, can I have my paycheck now?

mastiffchild2712d ago

I'm sure the fact that Ted Price runs a respected, profitable studio with imaginative employees creating critically acclaimed and well supported games will keep him warm at night and easily able to shrug off Pachter's nosey BS.

I understand that Pachter has his point but why single out Insomniac? why not moan about ME or Gears being exclusive to MS platforms when they culd go fully multi as products of independent studios? Seems to me a little bit of anti Insomniac feeling because, maybe, they're seen as a US studio supporting a Japanese company instead of playing with MS(an American one)as well. I say this because it ALWAYS seems a massive issue that they stay making Sony exclusives while Valve , Bioware and Epic seem to only have the requests of Sony gamers rather than any industry figures calling them "nuts" for not going multiplat with certain IPs.

We get rumours that ME(whatever) is going to PS3 but this is non-stop with Insomniac to the point where Price has already felt the need to put a line under it for this generation already. It's the tome of it. the "nuts" part that worries me as I don't see it, or a similar attitude to any other dev currently making exclusives from a non first party standpoint. It's natural to wonder why an independent studio would stay making an exclusive/exclusives but that's where it stops for me with all of them but the media and industry mouthpieces seem to want to go on and on at Insomniac when it's entirely up to them what they do-and it isn't like they took the Valve/Gabe route and badmouthed the other platform AND it's gamers now is it?

Just because they're unusual in the way they do things doesn't make them wrong and nobody can say for certain that Insomniac going multi would benefit them. Maybe they like the time and support and higher chance of making the exact game they want that going exclusive gives them, no? They certainly haven't got into any financial trouble(they're currently expanding and making the first game at their NC studio)while the number of studios that have failed(even those making multiplats) is scary so why are they crazy if it works for them? And anyway, they already as much as said going multi platform is a likely outcome next generation and this one they've already done a lot of work tailoring their engine to PS3. Maybe making it work on Wii/360/PC now would mean bigger costs and more upheaval in money, time and new staff than they feel is viable.
They don't fit with your ideas so they're nuts though, hey Mike?

mantisimo2712d ago

.......but too long, please say everything in no more than 100 words it makes my head hurt!

JayD-1K2712d ago

MC, that's a well thought out observation! and thank you for your insight!

sikbeta2712d ago

Riiiight Pachter, but I'm still waiting for a BRD-Less PS3...


evilmonkey5012712d ago

Patcher is such a dreamer. Seriously, he has to get his ideas from somewhere...Its seems he is not very ahead of the curve in his industry.
In fact, I will go as far to say that some people who visit this site regularly have more of a well rounded viewpoint of this industry than he does.

evilmonkey5012712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

edit: double post. seriously hating the new n4g comment system.

Cernunnos2712d ago

Ah, the BRD-less PS3 is a Patcher classic^^. Seriously, who's paying this guy?

zeeshan2712d ago

Isn't he suppose to only predict stuff rather than calling other companies nuts?

Persistantthug2712d ago

Sony has decades of experience is dealing with its own creative talent.

Considering this,
it Shouldn't surprise anyone, really.

Reibooi2712d ago

In what way is it possibly a mistake on the part of Insomniac? They have time and time again ranked as one of the best places to work which would mine people have a great time are treated and paid well their. If that's the case staying exclusive is not hurting them.

If they are happy where they are then let them stay there. Some companies don't mind staying put. Not everyone wants to become EA or Activision like in size and output.

Simply put they are happy with what they are doing and employees are treated with the utmost respect so leave it be.

ChickeyCantor2712d ago


The game would have been the EXACT same if it were developed for one console.
GameDesign-Documents are as they are written. FF13 was doomed to be what you think of it now.

And like i said, Just because more time goes into a game, doesn't mean the game itself will be guaranteed a good game.

Cerberus21252712d ago

I'm wit you on that one,there is a reason why Eat Sleep Play is working with Sony of the back.

kingjoker342712d ago

People still listen to patcher?

Eddie201012712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Why does this bean counter get so much attention. More than half of what he predicts does not happen and he is always wining about haters when he himself sounds like a hater sometimes. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

He points out PS3 fanboy's but I know for a fact that when he says something negative about anything Xbox 360 (or is taken as a negative by the Xbox 360 fanboys), like the comment about Epic wished they had made Gears Of War multi-platform, he gets just as much hate or more from the Xbox 360 fanboy's. Since he seems to say more negative things about the PS3 of course he gets more attention from the PS3 fanboy's, But like I said before if he can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

It seems much of what he says is just an attempt to manipulate the gaming market, and I have a real problem with that. Also his comment mentioning liberal Democrats just seems a little uncalled for.

SonyOwnsNextYear2712d ago

on the flipside of things, lookt at what happened to ninja theory.

IdleLeeSiuLung2712d ago

But it speaks volume of Sony's ability to hold onto their developers!

GarandShooter2712d ago

It's likely Sony gives them a lot of creative freedom, more so that EA or Activision would. To retain that level of control they may have to fund game development themselves.

I can really see this as a 'make less, love what you do' vs 'make more, work is a chore' scenario.

UltraNova2712d ago

Sony will announce Insomniac's acquisition at E3.

Hallmark Moment2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Maybe for not making games on the Wii. Who would buy their sh*t on the 360? People don't even buy their crap on the PS3

ape0072712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

first, there are many HIGH QUALITY multiplatform games, bad company 2, dead space, dead space 2 mw2, red dead redemption, batman, grand theft auto 4, resi 5, Assassin's creed 2 RAGE, BRINK, CRYSIS 2, burnout paradise etc... you all know that, the market is filled with AAA multiplatform titles, red dead look out of this world and its a multiplatform games

lol, you are pretending that all mp games have low quality, are you one of those who think that this gen is ruined by 360 or games being gimped ??

are you keep continue ignoring facts and believe crap over and over again, you just keep eating crap over and over again, great looking game and great graphics need time and money, yeah ps3 may got slight edge in gfx,like 360 got slight edge in online features but overall both systems are close to each other, they are in the same league

secondly, if a game like Resistance came on xbox 360, it would sell better than on ps3, xbox crowd love shooters, or.....R is JRPG?? lol

again ff13 argument is like a pain killer to use it instantly when you feel that insomniac gonna make more money going multiplatform

twisting tricks 101

and look at the amount of agrees on a broken logic in here, WoW insecurity at its finest

RageAgainstTheMShine2712d ago

some console maker might be cringing with envy because no game developer stays exclusive with them, right Bungie, Epic and Valve?

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-Alpha2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Ugh, Pachter. Hate this guy.

Insomniac would raise profits from going multiplatform but they have a tight relationship with Sony and I do believe Sony treats them well if I'm not mistaken. I know First Party has benefits, not so sure about 2nd party, but staying exclusive to a platform can make a game better for the most part. I'm hoping this new game utilizes the PS3.

Strange_Evil2712d ago

I think the guy purposely does it to just be 'in' the news. People know about Pachter cause he gets most of his predictions WRONG and laugh at him... But that still lets him be 'in' the news. Just imagine a bizarre world where Pachter would get stuff right, then he would just be 'ANOTHER' analyst.

Sometimes, making fool of yourself also can land you success.

On topic... I think if Insomniac did went multi-plat, then it will be their new studio while the old works on current Resistance and R & C series (Plus something else).... But I still have a feeling that Insomniac are too tied up with Sony... But you never know, we heard rumors about Bungie going multi-plat and we dismissed it and it turned out true.... So I won't pass on the judgement till at least E3.

waltercross2712d ago

I Agree, many celebrities do this tactic to, to be in the news they'll purposely do something big, foolish or weird and usually it involves other celebrities. It's Publicity.

Faztkiller2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Alpha U read my mind

table2712d ago

The thing is though alpha, Insomniac don't utilise the ps3. Any game released on the console could easily be done on the 360 and there is no reason to suggest that their next title will be any different. Insomiac are an above average studio but nothing special. I think it would be healthy for them to now go multiplatform.

GWAVE2712d ago

If you think Insomniac games could be done on the 360, you obviously haven't played an Insomniac PS3 game...

The Wood2712d ago

its not just about the hardware

-Alpha2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I think Stewgart raises a notable point:

The biggest feat Insomniac did was 40-60 player multiplayer. Just because it doesn't exist on XBL doesn't mean it's not possible. I remember hearing about an original Xbox game that did 40 players though I cannot remember the name at all, or know if it even actually existed.

Whether or not what Insomniac did on PS3 is possible on 360 I don't know, but I don't think it's impossible to do. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I really don't see why this can't be done on the 360 unless someone can point me to proven technical limitations that are known to keep XBL games small.

I'm just hoping Insomniac, since they seem to be staying exclusive to the PS3, will utilize the console as it's the one benefit gamers will invest in. Otherwise, I see no point in staying exclusive if they could make a game that they could also do on the 360. By that logic I can agree with Pachter, the problem is no one knows of Insomniac's game and how it benefits from staying exclusive so we will see. Hell, for all I know they could be working out something with MS, anything is possible and I can never take a developer's word about anything.

Godmars2902712d ago

Isn't that the real point? That despite being out longer, no 360 exclusive has yet to prove that the console can perform on truly equal level to the PS3, which has set several technical benchmarks, especially multiplayer.

And yet while we have people like Kotick in the industry who are only concerned about the bottom line, we get Pachter going right alone with him saying everyone should standardize and go multiplatform.

I think its way past time that we all should do what we should have done the first time Pachter opened his mouth: stop paying attention.

JustTheFactsMr2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

"I really don't see why this can't be done on the 360 unless someone can point me to proven technical limitations that are known to keep XBL games small."

1. Live has a limitation of 31 sessions logged in per 360.

2. 360 runs player hosted servers not real dedicated server software. Unlike the dedicated server SOFTWARE mode available on the PS3.

3. Player hosted servers mean local resources MUST be reserved because client-side code might be running on that machine. Those are significant memory and cpu resources because it's the graphics output for the local player we are talking about here. Say good bye to 30-50% of your resources.

4. Dedicated server software doesn't have to support those local resources that to eat into it's pie. It's just keeping track of object states for other players etc but nobody is playing on that machine. Hence more scalability. 256 for MAG.

5. PSN licenses are free for developers. Each server need it's own since it can't piggyback on the players account if it's not in the players home. XBL licenses are not free even for developers. See why IW dumped even player-hosted servers? Everyone they set up means they need a license or the next level membership fees for team/group accounts from MS. If your hosting the server they can piggyback on your Live account and it costs them nothing.

Given the above you can see why even the 31 session limit isn't achieved on XBL games and why in real life they end up being 16 players. They are in practice all player-hosted servers. No dedicated server software on the 360 itself. The dedicated server everyone is wanking on about is a physical thing not a software thing. It may actually make your performance worse having the servers further away rather than someone hosting on the same ISP as you.

One 360 game accesses real dedicated servers. Frontlines I think it's called. Because it has a PC version of the game and uses PC's as real dedicated servers. But technically it's not being "done" on the 360.

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kanetheking2712d ago

what about ironman it's on everything but doing bad.just cos it on more den one plat it wont make more money.they would have to find a new pub to cos sony not going to give them money so they could make it on other console

silvacrest2712d ago

its not like insomniac are stupid, they could have done a bungie but chose not to, why? im guessing their relationship with sony is to valuable to just throw it away

Theonik2712d ago

One has to appreciate how long Insomniac has been with Sony. It would be hard for them to leave on mere sentimental reasons alone. It's not like Sony is mistreating them either.

mastiffchild2712d ago

Yeah, there's the relationship, Alpha's right, but also we assume that going multiplat is a golden ticket when it might not be straightforward.

Insomniac have spent a lot of time, money and manhours perfecting their PS3 engine and it's likely it would need MAJOR work to translate well to 3650 or Wii or PC, no? It's my understanding that the PS3 works in a pretty different way so making their games look and play as well on other platforms might cost a hell of a lot more than we think, might be a massive pain in the bum and might take a bajillion man hours to sort out making any extra profit negligable.

Better to go multi next gen when the new studio has found it's feet and they wouldn't be stating at a disadvantage to everyone else who'd been making 360 games for five or six years, no?

Pachter seems ignorant to anything other than the most basic finance here and it worries me from someone meant to be an analyst! Loads of multiplat studios have gone bust already and Insomniac have managed to expand during a recession so sticking with Sony can't be so bad an idea for them can it?

Sevir042712d ago

the fact that they have grown from one studio to 2 and grown in a time of recession while staying exclusive with Sony is all the more reason to believe that they are doing well financially. their team and relationship with Sony is far better than most other 3rd party studios and publishers...

if patcher saw this like you and many others did then he'd know why Sony has built up such a fantastic network of friends in the industry who wish to work with them the way insomniac does.

Ask Eat Sleep and play or media molecule how Sony treats them... hell ask infinityward if they like activition...

Bubbles for writing something soo well and eloquently

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SKCShifty2712d ago ShowReplies(1)
Umbrella Corp2712d ago

Hey Patcher do you even play video games?

ZombieAutopsy2712d ago

Yes Patcher we all know every 2nd party studio is crazy for not going multi-platform, only thing is when you do that you need publishers and i doubt Sony wants to publish a game for another system. I see them doing what Epic did (for the most part) and using their other studio for multiplat games and just make a deal with a big publisher like EA. I see them doing that because they have to make an IP that they can own and that would be the best way as long as the deal with the publisher let them own the rights to it.