New Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Screenshots Emerge

GrE writes, "Despite all of the drama that has been going on at Infinity Ward as of late, it appears that they managed to find some time to whip up some new maps… you know, in between filing lawsuits and all..."

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roblef2717d ago

Wow, this seems pretty cool.

4L3X2717d ago

Vacant and Strike from CoD4 :(

CrAppleton2717d ago

Freakin sweet! Can't wait to get more maps! Even though Activision pulled a b!tch move on IW.. I still want more maps

bgrundman2717d ago

It looks like they are above all of the other crap and still looking out for their fans. Thank god!

Neco5122717d ago


JimmyJames702717d ago

Yeah, they look pretty cool.

bgrundman2717d ago

That's how all screenshots should be. If anything, that shows you that Infinity Ward has nothing to hide. ;-)

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