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dooge2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

No thank you

krouse932769d ago

Especially if it's going to cost me $30 dollars to buy both map packs. It's like paying $90 dollars for the game.

ShinMaster2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Sometimes I wonder if we're buying unfinished games for full prize, only to be charged even more for content that could easily have been on the game in the first place.

Although, COD is the perfect example of what I'm saying, it isn't always the case with every game that has DLC, which are only a few.

RosoTron362769d ago

The practice is being exploited and kids are running at it like it's an ice cream truck rolling by the neighborhood. Seriously, if no more space is available then sure, but even that's not enough of an excuse for me... /sad

VoicesInMyHead2769d ago

"Sometimes I wonder if we're buying unfinished games for full pri(c)e, only to be charged even more for content that could easily have been on the game in the first place."

I couldn't agree more...

Rock Band 1 comes out and they announce DLC coming soon....uhhmm....why couldn't you just include the DLC songs in the first place?

..Alan Wake is coming soon...reviewers said the ending sucks yet they already announced DLC coming...that most likely won't be free....

DLC has killed gamers wallets

HolyOrangeCows2769d ago

FIVE new maps?? How much is this one going to cost? $50?

SixZeroFour2769d ago

actually its 1200 msp...which equals 15usd...but in canada its close to 20 :S thats messed up, so many of my friends got the stimulus pack which was the same deal

Ninja-Sama2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Please for the love of the gaming world, do not continue supporting this crap. Soon we're going to be paying $70 for a 2 hour game and we'll have to pay $15 increments to get the entire experience.

In the end the rich will get richer and the gamers will get alot poorer.

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irepbtown2769d ago

Why not just get it off your friend.
I don't know if xbox 360 can do this but PS3 you can.
That's what im doing with the Map packs now, getting it off my friend.

One of my favourite cod 4 maps.
But NOWAY am i paying for that.

Nitrowolf22769d ago

Vacant one of my favorite to, glad to see they added more to it. They should have really done that with the other 2 old ones.
I get them from my buds 2

SixZeroFour2769d ago

how do you do that on the ps3? i dont have a ps3 or the game, but i didnt know you can do that...just curious, i could get my friends to do this to save them their money

duplissi2769d ago

you just log into your account on their ps and download your stuff... easy peasy. just remember to not save your password cause you need to leave your account on your friends system for the content to work. note that you can only do this with 5 systems.
my friend and i did it with the warhawk maps.

BattleAxe2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Just to compare....Socom: Confrontation got released with 7 maps, and the game cost $40 without the headset. Here we're getting 10 maps for $30. and yes I know 4 of them are CoD4 maps, but I don't play CoD4 anymore, but I did love the maps that game had. I have very few games in my collection where the dev has supported the game with that many map packs.

Does anyone else have any other comparisons?

VoicesInMyHead2767d ago

Yea but if you bought the headset edition payed 10 dollars for 7 maps

Cregan45842769d ago

How hard is it to learn from Naughty Dog?

Cernunnos2769d ago

Or Criterion for that matter!

adlt2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I have about 12 days on this game online. I think I'm going to shift over to Red Dead Redemption. No more money spent on this junk :P

EDIT: I love how all the screenshots show teamwork, we all know that rarely happens in this game!

Akagi2769d ago

Too right. 13 y/o kids always trying to go it solo just to get a decent kill streak or a nuke. Lame. Lame. Lame.

irepbtown2769d ago

I have to agree on that one.

ultramoot2769d ago

That's why I love BC2. It kinda forces teamwork on the players. And it rewards good team strategy. Lone-wolves are hardly effective in the game. And that is why I enjoyed it so much more than MW2.

ATi_Elite2769d ago

I really like all the colors on the screenshot with the clown factory thing but it's still MW2 which means it's still CRAP. Besides the game looks like vaporware when compared to Bad Company 2 in DX11 mode.

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