20° Beyond the Horde Mind: Darkspawn Disciples

With the latest DLC for Dragon Age: Origins less than a week away, Bioware has unveiled an unusual twist for Ferelden: a view of the flip-side in the battle to end the Blight. The Darkspawn Chronicles will allow us to experience the siege of Denerim from the perspective of the horde itself, as we find ourselves pitted against the forces of Alistair and the Grey Wardens. In preparation for this exciting new installment in Dragon Age lore, it’s time to take a look at the darkspawn and their changing role in Thedas.

By Amelia "Eleusimae" Overbay-Day

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Forbidden_Darkness2989d ago

A great read, couple spoilers from Awakening (havent played it yet), but i can't wait to get Darkspawn chronicles DLC and Awakening soon