3 things MW2: Resurgance Needs to Include

Check out some of these game modes that the new Resurgence package should include to give MW2 a fighting chance against Battlefield

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IrieMars2867d ago

I don't think a knife mode would be that fun, knifes would just be thrown everywhere, it's hard to try and nail someone with the knife.

almehdaaol2867d ago

Juggernaut mode. Yes please

Bubble Buddy2867d ago

Knives are not that difficult if you practice. All it needs is a lower price tag, which I doubt will happen. Time to game share again I guess.

Irnbruguy2867d ago

I'd actually continue playing MW2 if a knife mode was in it.

ScubaSteve12867d ago

mw 2doesnt need anything the game sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.