GameZone: Rocket Knight Review

GameZone writes: "If you were to ask a child what their favorite animals are, they’d probably list any of the following: dog, cat, turtle, rabbit, or maybe even a hamster. They might even go out on a limb and state they adore giraffes, elephants, or even a kangaroo. But the likelihood that they would pronounce an opossum as their beloved creature is nil to none."

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kimvidard2988d ago

I really hoped for a better final product, well I'll go back to the old one then.

athmaus2988d ago

game looks kinda wierd..thx for info though

mistermostyn2988d ago

Won't be reactivating my Gold status for this one. Nice job GZ.

AlexC2987d ago

1200 MS points definitely seems a little steep to pay for such a short game... but I'd probably buy it if I had played it back in the day.