XSEED Announces Nihon Falcom Partnership

XSEED is pleased to announced today a partnership with developer and publisher Nihom Falcom to bring the latest three games in North America.

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ShadyDevil2984d ago

I dont know what that means but it sounds good.

MightyMark4272984d ago

it means that games such as the unreleased Legend of Heroes and Ys will be cominng out in North America.

Chris3992984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

The Legend of Heroes games (the unreleased ones) are brilliant. I played some of them in Japanese. Couldn't understand much, but they are leagues better than the three that got released over here. Just watch some of the trailers and media. (this trailer is pure awesome)

Give me the chills! So much epic JRPGness!!! :P

The PSP and the DS really are the JRPG kings this gen, they have yet to disappoint (though the PS3 has really been picking up the JRPG-slack lately).

MightyMark4272984d ago

Yes! I cant wait for the Legend of Heroes ^^

N4GAddict2984d ago

Finally, more awesome PSP games.

TehGamersHub2984d ago

Talk about things being the other way around. Normally America gets things first.

Acquiesc32984d ago

XSEED does a really great job when it comes to localizing rpgs, much like Atlus.

Haven't played any of the Ys games myself, but this is definitely good news.

N4GAddict2984d ago

You should, the games are excellent.

Acquiesc32984d ago

Will do. Which particular ones would you recommend?

Optical_Matrix2984d ago

Only good thing so far is the release date for WKC2 but this tops it! I love Falcoms games. Legend of Heroes: Akai no Shizuku was my first PSP game way back in 2005 lol Loved it to bits. And I love Ys. Problem is importing these games is expensive, so for these 6 which I've never played, to be getting a localization, I'm ecstatic :D Hopefully they will go on to localize the new Legend of Heroes game ofr PSP too.

N4GAddict2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I can't wait to play the new games.

MightyMark4272984d ago

I want to play the Legend of Heroes FC that was released 2 years ago i think

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