TERA: Territorial Beasts Screens

En Masse Entertainment has released three new images of its upcoming MMO, TERA.

This first instalment of screens from En Masse focuses on the beasts who apparently don't take kindly to adventurers gallivanting through their habitat. You can also see the blue skies and green fields that are common on the Island of Dawn.

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ppazuzu2986d ago

what's not to like about a giant, angry moose-deer

Chris3992986d ago

That child being TERA. That wasn't an insult btw, this game seems really interesting. If they can get the Korean aesthetic (man, those spells and armor sets are flashy!) with the customization of Aion and a more Western appeal, this could be a mega hit.

I've learned not to get too excited over MMORPGs though, they tend to promise the moon and deliver a plain old rock with "moon" painted on it. Strangely, the best online MP experience I've had lately is with WKC.