Bioshock 2 DLC Punishes Previous Customers

Nukezilla's Chelsea writes:

"As someone who bought the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack when it was released, I have to say I’m pretty pissed that I can’t just buy the maps on their own. Since I have no intention of paying for content I already own, 2K Games are going to be losing a customer here — and a previously loyal Bioshock fan."

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triumphofhearts2840d ago

I'm so uninterested in Bioshock 2, mainly because of all this Multiplayer nonsense. Did it need it? Really?

Forbidden_Darkness2840d ago

While i haven't played the online, or the single player yet, im going to go with a NO.

Persistantthug2840d ago

All this crap DLC stuff only solidifies that I made the correct choice.

BeaArthur2840d ago

Played multiplayer for about 3 rounds and that was enough for me.

chester2840d ago

i had alot of fun with the bioshock 2 multiplayer for about a week. then i started playing BFBC2 and traded bioshock in. with this ridiculous dlc, i'm glad i did.

verygoodyear2840d ago

Totally. I loved Bioshock 1, but the for some reason the second one isn't at all interesting. I'll play it when it's cheap.

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bart9992840d ago

2k has some 'splainin' to do.

jack_burt0n2840d ago

1st play through of any game should not be 4 1/2hrs imo and i did not speed through it, shameful pretender to the first game.

ia_studio2840d ago

you shouldn't have played it on easy!

nintendoll2840d ago

I need to argue on that one ^__^

Playing the game on Hard felt exactly the same to me as playing the game on Normal, the only difference being that maybe the first 1-2 hours were slightly more difficult. I think I only died once or twice over my entire play through.

Then I went back and played original Bioshock on Hard and died....a lot. It is much, much harder.

AKS2840d ago

I actually thought 1 and 2 were pretty close in quality, although 2 seems more dated now because the graphical standards have improved rapidly and 2 still looks the same as 1.

The first 2/3 of Bioshock 1 was superior, then the last 1/3 was quite weak and by the numbers. Bioshock 2 was more consistent, and the last 1/3 to 1/4 was actually the best part of the game, especially that clever artistic bit where you see things from the alternate perspective of well known Bioshock character. The ending was much more satisfying, and the choices actually made a little bit of a difference this time.

I didn't think either deserved the GAME OF THE 4-EVAR! praise they received, especially the first. Bioshock 1 was massively overrated and Bioshock 2 has been slightly underrated. I'd put both at about 8 to 8.5/10. Neither were a match for System Shock 2.

nintendoll2840d ago

I was actually enjoying the multiplayer because it is basically a silly, dumbed-down version of CoD4 (especially with stuff like the martyrdom perk). I'm just kind of mad that if I want to get new maps, I have to re-purchase content I already own. Can't they offer the maps by themselves for like, 400-560 MS points?

Excalibur2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

To follow the Activision "SCREW YOU " model.

We knew this was coming kids, you can thank all the idiots bending over for Activision.

Me thinks we haven't seen anything yet....

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