Epic 'Nervous' Over Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games is nervous over the next iteration of its mega-selling game tech, Unreal Engine, says president Mike Capps.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, Capps admits that just like everyone else the developer's still trying to guess when the next iteration of consoles will actually land.

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Fishy Fingers2899d ago

Sounds more like he's nervous to know when and what the next generation will entail so they can be prepared, rather than nervous over their tech.

Reibooi2899d ago

Personally I really don't wanna see what happened with UE3 happen with UE4 unless they do a crap load of work.

The biggest problem with UE3 was that when this gen began EVERY game used the engine and the problem quickly became games looking to similar to each other. It's only now that devs have figured out ways to make the Unreal Engine look very different and it's really to little to late as the engine is incredibly dated now and really doesn't look that good compared to some of the other incredible engines out there.

Epic needs to make the UE4 really open ended so that devs can make their games look totally unique. People should not be able to tell simply by looking at the game that it's running on UE4 which is something most can do with UE3.

I have no doubt the next UE will be incredible but when everything that uses it looks the same it quickly looses that visual punch.

hamoor2899d ago

i don't think the UE3 is bad
The problem that there is no single ps3 exclusive game that works on the UE3 to take advantage of the engine
And thats why ps3 exclusive games are better than any UE3 based game in graphics department
But when we talking about multiplats,the unreal engine shines
mass effect 2
Gears of war 2
All of them looked amazing

Reibooi2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

The UE3 at it's core is a buggy engine. That alone aside from graphics means Epic needs to step up their game with UE4.

Even Epic's own games that run on UE3 are riddled with glitches. Why do you think Gears of War earned the nickname Glitches of War. The engine has horrible collision detection and it's not uncommon to find yourself stuck in a wall or seeing little thinks like debris or ammo clips floating in mid air for no reason. Those things are just as much a hallmark of the UE3 then the look of the engine itself is.

I will admit the engine can look decent in this day and age. The problem I stated is that you can tell when a game is running the engine and you shouldn't be able to do that because it means on the back end it's limiting the artists making the games and preventing their game from having a 100% unique look.

SuperStrokey11232899d ago

Well muliplats are not really a good example as the UE3 really runs best on the 360 and the ps3 is just an after thought but its much more accomodating now than it was before.

But i do agree that it has its place in the market. You should add Borderlands to your list as well as it was made on teh UE3. The new transfomers game is as well and it looks rather nice too.

secksi-killer2899d ago

in all honesty, i wouldve thought microsoft would already be in bed with epic planning the next gen gears trilogy!

and as im sure microsoft will be first out of the gate again, it would be a massive boost to have a new gears, running on the new unreal engine within the launch window.

we will have to xait and see i guess

ThanatosDMC2899d ago

Not to mention there's Cry Engine 3 with awesome graphics... well the PC version anyway.

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isa_scout2899d ago

of course their nervous and I dont think it has anything to do with the next-gen systems. Epic is starting to see that other developers are creating better more advanced engines...CRYENGINE BABY!!!

Double Toasted2899d ago

What exactly is it doing thats better than Unreal? I'll wait...

bigman73872899d ago

For larger companies that can afford to make their own engines, yeah they're doing pretty well.

But what about the mid-level guys who want to put a sweet IP out, but can't afford to develop their own engine for both PS3 and 360 or either one singularly? The ones that don't necessarily need an engine like CryEngine? They turn to UE3. It's not that UE3 is a bad game engine, it's that it's affordable and utilized on both 360 and PS3.

TOO PAWNED2899d ago

no new consoles until 2013-2014, maybe wii2 to finally join current gen


Maybe for Nintendo. But from Sony and Microsoft I disagree.

viperfx2899d ago

I really dont think Nintendo should go for the whole next gen and graphics approach to games. It should stay as it is, for gamers of younger ages.

PS360WII2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Well I think anyone would be nervous to make yet another engine on a new set of hardware that every single developer would want to use on their game. UEIII had an insane impact and would be hard to duplicate.

Now I'm saying this not knowing what games UE and UEII made but I don't think as many as UEIII has been used on.

Yomiro2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

They should be...Uncharted and Killzone engine.

hamoor2899d ago

by the time UE4 comes,uncharted and killzone engines will be outdated -_-

waterboy2899d ago

thats something to look forward to

Kushan2898d ago

Yes, because the Uncharted and Killzone engines were used on hundreds of games as well, weren't they? Oh wait, they weren't. You obviously don't get it, the Unreal engine was designed for developers to make games of all kinds with, not for one or two specific games.
Sure, it might not have the BEST graphics, or the most realistic physics or anything like that, but when it comes to versatility, no other engine can match it. UE3 was a massive success for Epic and they'll be wanting to replicate that success as closely as possible.

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