Harrison: Nintendo May 'Retire' Game Boy

While Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed to Kotaku that Nintendo's internal development teams have shifted their focus away from the GBA so that they can concentrate on Wii and DS titles, Nintendo of America's George Harrison, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, has given GameDaily BIZ a pretty strong hint that Nintendo may be finished with the Game Boy product line.

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PS360WII4168d ago

Well you can't live forever can ya... I do remember them saying that the DS was not the Gameboy successor.... but I guess in reality it really is.

MyNutsYourChin4168d ago

Perhaps we will see the Gameboy successor in the near future. Holiday season 2010, anyone? That's just a wild guess.

Anyway, the Gameboy has survived quite a long time and even in the face of more "colorful", higher-end competitors. I think it's about time the Gameboy honorably resigns from the gaming world instead of ending up a obsolete contender.

MaximusPrime4168d ago

i thought Gameboy is already retired.

Im seeing so many DS on shelves instead of Gameboys.

Bill Gates4168d ago

All they'll be doing is dropping the name "gameboy". It sounds too childish, when a company is trying to appeal to the masses.

Nintendo is "smaht".

pwnsause4168d ago

I'll miss you gameboys for the joy you left me for 15 years in the portable realm, adios...

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