Rumors And Speculation: E3 2010

Part two of our Rumors And Speculation series is going to focus on E3 2010. What we think will happen and lay waste at some rumors that are rumbling inside our heads. Remember, everything herein is simply speculation on various points and everything should be taken with a grain of salt, maybe two. So enjoy.

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iMad2986d ago ShowReplies(4)
MightyMark4272985d ago

I lean more on a Xbox 360 slim

N4GAddict2985d ago

That would be the obvious choice.

blu_yu_away2984d ago

Agree. The only hardware MS is going to focus on at this E3 is Natal and possibly a new slim 360. They are banking on Natal to extend the life of the 360 so it would make no sense to have a blowout of information on Natal only to derail any possible hype by announcing a new console.

jay22985d ago

Well, I'm wondering what Sony London will show, will it be their new IP OR well Getaway PS3 and 8 Days returning, they're not canned so who knows.

Meryl2985d ago

Sony has too many aces up it's sleeves this year there is Socom 4, Ape Escape, GT5, The last Gurdian, PS Move, Modnation Racers, and LBP2 which looks nothing short of epic now i can create whole games with it awesome, Ninty and MS are going to struggle against the amount of games, hardware aand fun Sony is bringing:):)

RageAgainstTheMShine2985d ago

but they need more compelling games for the Move and younger gamers in general.

stonecold12985d ago

exclusive to the ps3 will take the e3 for sure

thehitman2985d ago

Will keep Agent sequels exclusive to ps3 then I dont think GTA will go exclusive to PS3.

KiRBY30002985d ago

the franchise "AGENT" is exclusive to Playstation, not just the 1st game.

the deal between Sony and Rockstar talks about 2 more exclusives franchise after AGENT if i am not mistaken. if true, Playstation fans should get some Rockstar love for the end of the generation and the one after that.

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The story is too old to be commented.