Split/Second: Velocity Review - 93%, GamerZines

GamerZines writes: And exciting is the perfect way to summarise Split/Second. It's beautiful, addictive and filled with innovative modes and mechanics that not only set a benchmark for arcade racing, but reinvigorate the genre wholesale. It's the best racer we've played since Burnout 3 and, most likely, the best and most original arcade racer you'll play this generation. An energy drink for your console, in other words.

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Raf1k12838d ago

That's a damn high score. I thought the demo was good but not all that and got the impression the game would get boring too quickly after learning the tracks.

BeaArthur2838d ago

Agreed, after trying it twice I was bored with it.

talltony2838d ago

I was bored with demo really quick. Not my kind of game. Really don't understand why it's scoring so high.

Mo0eY2838d ago

The demo was unsatisfying. But I do not judge racer games on a demo. One of the best arcade racers I've played, Burnout: Paradise, had a crappy demo, but the overall game was insanely fun.

deadreckoning6662838d ago

Try giving it another chance. The first time I played it, I thought it was extrememly boring then I popped it back the next day and learned the dynamics of the game and now...I love it! Its something that grows on u.

e-p-ayeaH2838d ago

i rather have this game than Blur

Eddie201012838d ago

I thought it was pretty great myself but I like arcade style racers.

viperfx2838d ago

I tried the demo. I dont have the game yet, but seriously? 93? Thats something you give to an epic action game that provides a little bit of everything. This is just a racing game, i really dont see how it warrants a 93/100.

deadreckoning6662838d ago

So racing games can't get good scores?

Panthers2838d ago

When a game is reviewed it is compared to other games of the same type. You do not compare a racing game to an action game. Your logic makes no sense. If a game does what it is supposed to well, it deserves a great score. This is a great racing game and the score is justified.

AliTheBrit192838d ago


I also tried the demo but come on.. lol

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