Quick Look: Mac OS X Portal Performance

AnandTech: "As it stands Valve is taking a gradual approach to rolling out their back catalog to the platform. Even though Steam is out and the Source engine has been ported, this week has seen the release of only 1 Source game for the Mac: 2007’s critically acclaimed Portal.

"While it’s not the most graphically intensive Source game these days (that title belonging to Left 4 Dead), at this point it’s as good as anything else for looking at the performance of the Source engine under Mac OS X, particularly considering how long it’s been since a game’s original developer did the Mac port. So with that in mind, we went ahead and took a quick look at Portal’s performance under Mac OS X."

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Letros2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

hmm, that's pretty bad, relatively speaking.

jack_burt0n2984d ago

the comments such raging hatred between the apple and windows camps glad i hate them both equally.