Video Game Injuries Get Real After 'Call of Duty' Emergency Room Trip writes: "That's because today we received photo evidence from one gamer who goes by the Xbox Live handle XxAdamWestxX09 and walked away from "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" with an actual battle scar."

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Sarevok2843d ago

That little boo boo? I get something like that often from just playing paintball.

olon122843d ago

you must be not thinking not to wears a mask when playing paintball soo dont say stupid stuff like that

Sarevok2843d ago

-sigh- well now you made yourself look like a @ss.

I ripped my leg open on a bunker spike that was not nailed down.

btw I could prob take YOU without a mask and only using a cheap spring airsoft gun lol.

Kratos Spartan2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I got stabbed through the torso with a huge sword. So beat that.

kaveti66162843d ago

Oh yeah? Well, the United States detonated a nuclear weapon in my backyard while I was taking a nap in my hammock. So beat that...

bjornbear2843d ago

it makes you sound stupid.

Shadow Flare2843d ago

Well the moon crushed my house. Beat that

mittwaffen2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Why that nuclear fallout made your parents give birth to Fanboy Mutants, with an extraordinary low IQ.

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Parapraxis2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

"I didn't realize that my Xbox Live headset was wrapped around my chair's arm, so when I got up quickly, 'BAM!' The wire got caught and my head smashed right into my Mac"

Well...that's what he gets for owning a MAC!

And as a MAC owner he's a huge PUSSY. Seriously, this is a silly article, put it on BadJoystiq or something.

LOL, @ Sarevok

thehitman2843d ago

thats what he gets for owning a mac.... laugh of the day.

FACTUAL evidence2843d ago

Shut up b!7ch, you'd probably be crying right now.

ON TOPIC: That's one mean gash, man I'm happy blu-tooths aren't like that. BTW, I've gone through 3 360 mics so dam flimsy. I might buy one of those ear piece headsets for my 360.

Sarevok2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

OHOH! am I?
you can talk big here on the internetz! but in rl
i'm willing to bet you would not say that to my face. ;o

BlackTar1872843d ago

lol got to love the internet where you can come back at him with but in RL lol.

Croaker2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I mean, really? You're going to bet on a hypothetical scenario that in 'real life' someone wouldn't talk trash to you because you're so big and bad, right? That's something an adolescent teen would say. It's very much like two children fighting over toys.

This makes you look foolish, not tough by any stretch of the imagination.
I just thought I'd point this out to you.

Anyways, sucks for that kid. I've ( I meant to say this originally, that I've never done something stupid like that before...Facepalm on my part for that screw up) done something stupid like that before. Then again I sit still and I don't dance around and move around a lot either.

EDIT: Surprise, he disagreed with me..
Somebody has alts....

JackBNimble2843d ago

What a loser.......

He's an even bigger loser for postimg photos and telling people about this.

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tdrules2843d ago

you see if he had a better username...
(yes I know I'm not one to say someone has a bad username :p)

Max Power2843d ago

I don't get people who are so unoriginal that they have to include "X's" and or numbers to make it work. The exception is if the "X's" or number actually have some relevance to the name.

Parapraxis2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Hey, that's not very nice xXMax_PowerXx_1980Killer

<deep part of comment>
I bet this would have never happened if he wasn't playing Call of Duty. Damn violence begets violence eh?
</deep part of comment>


Can't wait to heard the BS Injuries when PS Move come out.

unknown1002843d ago

lol i never knew there where modern warfare 2 fans!!

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