E3: What Worked & What Didn't

"What do you think of the new E3" was a question everyone was asking, and the answer usually depended on what the respondent did for a living. The journalists had a love/hate relationship with the entire thing. On the one hand, it was great not having to shout over eardrum-shattering music or shoulder your way through Final Fantasy-loving Petco employees to get to a developer at a booth. Appointments were conducted in normal speaking tones, and with actual developers, not a random PR drone who couldn't go any further than bullet points from a sales sheet. From the standpoint of actually trying to gather information about the games, it was lovely.

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Bill Gates4140d ago

Xbox 360 "DIDN'T" work....HAHAHHAHAHHA

RelloC4140d ago

were cute, it's a bit stale now.

The Swordsman4140d ago

Yes, it is getting repetitive Bill.

Bloodmask4140d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Without all the flash. It was more focused on games.