Why E3 Will Rock Your Freaking World

We all know that E3 will own us but what we want to know is what we should look for in E3?

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NYC_Gamer2811d ago

i hope we get some more wrpg love on our consoles

R_aVe_N2811d ago

I want some REAL RPG's period!

Kratos Spartan2811d ago

I want Elder Scrolls V. It's about time for a new one.

Kurisu2811d ago

None of those games interest me! What I really want to see at E3 is Sony's offerings, as well as Nintendos unveiling of the 3DS.

xtremexx2811d ago

Yea i would love to see the Nintendo 3DS there, would be totally world Rocking!!!

Reibooi2811d ago

Yeah pretty much the same. None of those games really interest me. I would also love to see the 3DS but it's come up that people are wondering how they are going to actually show off the 3DS. Seeing that you don't need glasses for it to work it means it's gonna use some trick to trick your eyes into seeing 3D. The problem is how they are gonna show that off to the consumer without the consumer buying it.

I'm interested to see how they get around that.

I would also love to see what Sony has in store. They have been showing off a ton of stuff pre E3 but have said time and time again they have a TON to show. I would really love to see Persona 5 and FFVSXIII as well as more info on Final Fantasy XIV

moho-foe2811d ago

E3 is going to be a blood bath... They should put it on pay-per-view

xtremexx2811d ago

that would be so freaking awesome

LordMarius2811d ago

FFvs13, Agent, The Last Guardian

xtremexx2811d ago

if you wanna write for thingsuwant (the website) or just add some more to the article then go ahead and tell me here i own the website

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The story is too old to be commented.
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