Has Nintendo Inspired the Future of Gaming? writes,

"Tokyo Game Show, 2005: Nintendo unveils what would later be known as the Wii Remote and I spend the next few years enduring the same “wiggle-your-Wiimote” masturbation innuendo in every gaming forum the internet has to offer while wondering how many people have broken their arms patting themselves on the back for that little gem...."

"Love it or hate it, however, Nintendo’s choice of input device may have influenced the immediate future of video game interaction and I invite you to read over the facts and draw your own conclusions."

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whateva2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )


LeStict was the 1st motion controller

and Eyetoy was the 1st to become a success with over 10 million sold

Wii was only the 1st to be buit with Motion Controls in mind!

Dr Richard Marks from Sony who made the EyeToy was working with the prototypes of the PlayStation Move 10 years ago

ChickeyCantor2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Its about pioneering something.

The LeStick didnt inspire anyone.
And Eyetoy was seen as an add-on with little support.

Even if Sony was developing move 1000 years ago, it did not inspire the industry.
Sony would be developing it for the next 10 years if it werent for Nintendos success.
Hell even MS wants that market share.

Motion controls were in bound anyway,it just needed one company to pioneer it.

But dont all companies inspire the industry so far?

tunaks12844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

"Wii was only the 1st to be buit with Motion Controls in mind! "
oh and development on the wii remote started in 2001

Gr812844d ago

Move...Natal...mmm, those things would have been released regardless of Wii's success right? I mean its not like M$ or Sony were calling the Wiimote a fad or gimmick and then suddenly changed their minds around June 2009 right?....Oh.

Christopher2844d ago

Nintendo's successes have inspired others, but so have the successes of Sony and Microsoft. I think the idea of inspiration is a fairly circular one when it comes to the innovators of the gaming medium, not just one point from which all inspiration is derived.

Microsoft has inspired the future of gaming with XBL.

Sony has inspired the future of gaming with Blu-ray and Cell processing.

Microsoft has inspired the future of gaming with integrated and integral motion controls.

All have inspired the future of gaming with their various software advances from their 1st-party developers.

Seferoth752844d ago

Well Nintendo is the one that took a chance and made motion controls mainstream. Would MS or Sony be trying so hard with Move and Natal if not for Nintendo and their success?

Fanboys will talk about "but move was being developed 10 years ago." And? You really think Nintendo just decided to make a motion controller one day and BAM instant Wii remote?

It is amusing though that people will talk about how Sony innovates and pushes gaming but they are a major company and a small tech resisting company as many fanboys put it, beat them to the market with a device they claimed to be working on for years.

Kinda funny when you think about it. The backwards tech company beat the major electronics company to market with the Wii remote.

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