NPD top 20 sales for April

NPD Group has released an expanding listing of the top 20 sales for the April 2010 NPD sales data.

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Valay2843d ago

This pretty much confirms that Monster Hunter Tri did in fact sell 126,000 units.

captain-obvious2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

i cant believe GOW3 is still selling
with strong numbers too
good for Sony and SM

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erathaol2843d ago

Traditionally most Wii titles are slow burners. Wait two months and see if Monster Hunter Tri can stay consistently in the Top 20, if it can't its a miss but if it can its a hit.

Christopher2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Monster Hunter Tri sold more than enough in Japan alone. Poor U.S. numbers just means Capcom will likely just keep future Wii releases of the franchise in Japan online.

SpoonyRedMage2843d ago

You do know that this by far the best debut for the franchise right? The other games have under 150K Lifetime sales and this sold 126K in 10 days. It's most likely already the most successful entry in the west.

The second biggest debut for the US is Freedon Unite with 67K.

Rush2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

To be honest for a hardcore game like Monster Hunter that's respectable numbers. I haven't picked the game up yet, But I only hear good things so I will have to go and give it a try.

Although it's beyond me why the released Tri on the Wii. It's a classic controller only game so it makes no use of the Wii's motion market. I would of released it PS3/360 myself.

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GUCommander2843d ago

Not surprised splinter cell dominated april :P

Chug2843d ago

Seeing it didn't have any competition.

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hamoor2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

and god of war 3 is still selling
Now where those people who said that ps3 gamers don't buy games to point my finger at them and laugh

SKCShifty2843d ago

splinter cell dominated and obliterated the competition in april.......Nice.

hamoor2843d ago

it wasn't really that hard
April had no AAA games

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