Top 10 Classic Games that Need HD Remakes

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"There are always going to be titles from a previous generation, if not several, that a small following of gamers believe deserves to achieve triple-A status in the current iteration of video game consoles. While we all love Jungler, I’m sure we can agree that it doesn’t deserve a full fledged game on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii complete with a narrative that eventually gets rolled into a big-budget summer film. Point being, there are franchises that publishers and developers are simply holding the rights to that we all couldn’t wait to get our hands on. After all, look at games like Prince of Persia! What started out as a game created for the Apple II became one of the greatest rebooted franchises of this console generation. In the meantime, here are at least ten classic games that if a new version isn’t in the works, then some developer should certainly be devoted to bringing them back into the industry, one way or another."

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LaurenKB1232844d ago

I would take any of those games on Xbox LIVE Arcade, especially Blast Corps. - classic game!

Perjoss2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

i would love to see a HD remake of X-COM Enemy Unknown, i played that game SO much on my ps1, i even bought a playstation mouse for it :D

edit: I think it was called X-COM UFO Defense in other territories.

bym051d2843d ago

1000 times yes. Blast Corps is one of my favorite all-time games.

edgeofblade2843d ago

Not going to be a popular comment, but Blast Corps drove me up the wall. It was fun, in parts. But the dumptruck was the most annoying, finnicky, frustrating vehicle of them all.

And it's one of those games that won't age half as well as you remember it.

UltimaEnder2844d ago

if only we could get Goldeneye via an HD remake, am I dreaming?

SPARTANVI2843d ago

We got a Perfect Dark remake on XBLA... crossing my fingers for Golden Eye as well.

In the mean time, there is a multiplayer Source mod that may interest you:

ScubaSteve12843d ago

not going to happen, nintendo wont allow it

SPARTANVI2843d ago

Well Perfect Dark was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, and that made its way to XBLA. How is GoldenEye different? I think James Bond IP is owned by EON Productions, so there may be licensing involved there. But Nintendo?

edgeofblade2843d ago


There are several sets of rights: the rights to James Bond the character, the movies, Goldeneeye the game, AND the current rights to release James Bond games.

There are a lot of people who have to agree and there is no legal requirement for them to do so.

ChronoJoe2843d ago

Because Perfect Dark was second choice because Nintendo wouldn't let them have Goldeneye. Plus Perfect Dark is Rare's own IP, whereas Goldeneye is not so there's plethora of licensing issues tied up to Goldeneye.

Only game I'd like to see on that list would be Skies of Arcadia. Lylat Wars would be nice but the gameplay hasn't aged particularly well. Starforx Assault on the gamecube followed the Starfox 64 formula to a tee and wasn't recieved particularly well. Personally, as a Starfox fan I enjoyed it a lot but apparantly most people didn't.

PepperJack2844d ago

man i wish MS could get the mario kart rights and put that into HD and stick it on the arcade, i don't usually pay for arcade stuff but i'd most definately pay for that!

bigman73872843d ago

Reaaally unlikely, but that's something I would want to hold out hope for regardless.

SPARTANVI2843d ago

Maybe a Mario Kart clone, Rare is owned by Microsoft so Diddy Kong racing is more likely.

ChronoJoe2843d ago

You forgetting what Diddy Kong racing is? It's a spin off off Donkey Kong, if they can't get Goldenye there's no way you'll see Diddy Kong titles. He even wears an Official Nintendo cap.

Could just use Conker, Starfox and Banjo Kazooie characters though if they wanted to. I guess. Wouldn't be Diddy Kong Racing though.

Shroom2843d ago

I really would like to see a remake of Project Snowblind.

zatrox2843d ago


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