PlayStation Move release date “in due course”, says SCEE

SCEE’s told VG247 that a September release date for PlayStation Move, which was tweeted by Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury earlier today, is just “speculation”.

But in a small statement sent to us by the firm, an official date will be announced “in due course”.

“SCEE will confirm the launch date for Move in due course,” a Sony rep told us, “and any dates mentioned at present, are just rumour and speculation.”

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jack_burt0n2963d ago

nice 1 bradbury, september it is.

N4GAddict2962d ago

September is a good month to release the Move, I think, before the holiday rush.

secksi-killer2962d ago

just like i wont be buying natal. i already have a wii which i never use! i have absolutely no intention of buy move or natal for my ps3 or 360.

im sorry if that offends some of you, but i would rather the resources of microsoft and sony continue to focus on what they have been already doing. not on motion controlled games.

and microsoft especially, seeing as they already dont have many first party studios. instead of investing millions into a risky new add-on, they couldve invested that in development talent..

thats my view anyway

leeger2962d ago

if Sony is really serious about making the move successful then they should bundle ALL ps3 skus with at least one PS Move, one subcontroller, ps eye and one game, for the same price of $299

Shendow2962d ago

You do know Sony has already said that it is going to be bundle with the PS3 and Move an a game would cost under a 100 bucks?

All that is already known, what is left to tell us about Move is the long list of games working with it and what games would be bundle with it.

vhero2962d ago

I think we wont find it out until it's near the date to stop MS rushing NATAL out to match the release date. Since NATAL won't be ready as soon as MOVE due being slightly more complicated technology MS would still rush it out the door so Sony doesn't get there gadget out first as MS themselves have proved what getting your device out first can do to the market. Obviously the problem there would be NATAL breaking and horror story.s so Sony keeping the dates under wraps is not only great for their business but great for the gaming community as if MS doesn't know the date and misses out on the MOVE launch it won't care anymore and will probably just concentrate on getting NATAL perfected instead of rushing it out to beat MOVE.

Kurisu2963d ago

If it released tomorrow I would go out and buy it. Can't wait for an official release date to be announced!

N4GAddict2962d ago

They will announce it at E3

DaRazorback2963d ago

There may be a delay in comparison to my friends and family in the states, but when it is released here I will be getting it also.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I will buy it, but when the survival horror for Move comes out.

N4GAddict2962d ago

Siren with Move would be great

JonnyBigBoss2962d ago

I'll be pre-ordering Move when it becomes available. Hopefully I can get a bundle that includes a game and the PS Eye.

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