United Front Games Answers Your ModNation Racers Questions!

Grainne Murray write:

"Hi Everyone,

As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago we asked you to submit your ModNation Racers questions so we could ask the guys in United Front Games when they visited Ireland.
Unfortunately, thanks to the volcanic ash cloud the guys didnt make it over but they’ve kindly sent through the following answers to your questions:"

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xTruthx2719d ago

Are the loading times any quicker since the beta?

"I’m happy to report that our engineers have improved load times in several different places in the final game"


viking805fan2719d ago

OK can the reviews now review this game again and give it the much better deserved scores now that its only problem has been nearly fixed? I personally think they sent this game out to reviewers too early. We still got like 2 weeks for release and almost everybody has reviewed it.

Oh and whats up with RDR it releases on tuesday and only like 2 mags have released their reviews on it??? it just so weird that some games get reviewed almost a month before release and others like 1 or 2 days...