Modern Warfare 2: First Resurgence Pack Screens

NowGamer: The first five screens have just been released depicting Infinity Ward’s second and possibly last foray into Modern Warfare 2 add-ons. You can check out the screens below.

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jimmins2770d ago

Call Of Duty. The horror!

jjohan352770d ago

Why can't we have multiplayer maps based on the actual single player campaign? These locations are the most random spots to include in DLC. Whatever happened to DC? The prison? The oil rig?

No, instead they randomly add maps that have nothing to do with anything with the game.

4L3X2770d ago

From the pictures one map is vacant, and another one is strike from CoD4 sooo theyre prety much recycled maps instead of random...

SixZeroFour2770d ago

@4l3x - yea, its like the stimulus map pack, its 2 recycled maps and 3 new ones (but apparently have nothing to do with ingame locations)

farhad2k82770d ago

Is this the last map pack of MW2?

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Scary692770d ago

The way people keep buying them they will continue to keep making them and at the same price. WTG everyone for supporting this type of BS.

SixZeroFour2770d ago

agreed...and those same ppl will justify it without even knowing they are about to spend the second 4th (by second 4th of a game i mean 2/4 = $30, the first 4th was the stimulus pack)of a new game they could have just bought, for just maps, not even a new feature or mode added

KillerPwned2770d ago

I expected this from Activision taking no real time into it at all i don`t blame them for a few map packs but $15? We all know now they know people out their are sucked into this game like people playing WOW. So they know people will pay $15 for this just because they want to be able to play it all. Activision what ever happen to the good old days. Now your just one big prick in the gaming industry that needs to be wiped out.

maverick11912770d ago

its really too soon to be releasing another map pack i mean 2 months then another map pack geez talk about milking

looks like i'll be game sharing this one like the last one :P

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