“Please stay tuned” on Fable III PC, says Microsoft

People who want Fable III on PC should “stay tuned”, Microsoft has told VG247 this afternoon.

The publisher told us via email just now that no announcements haven’t been made on a possible PC SKU, but earlier today, the boxart for the Lionhead RPG showed up, showing a “Only on Xbox 360 & Windows” label.

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LordMarius2870d ago

So does this mean I get to play this on my high end(imaginary) Sony Vaio? Help me out here, is this no longer a true "exclusive"?

All kidding aside, I wonder why MS will do this. Maybe something to do with Macs and Linux users getting Steam

NeutralGamer2862d ago

I know you were joking, but I cant stop thinking on this one:

This is an old brochure from Sony promoting Vaio FX... Notice on page 2 on the top its says:

"Sony recommends Windows Vista Home Premium"

Also the new Vaio brochures says:

"Windows. Life without walls. Vaio recommends Windows 7"

See the atached image :D One I took from a Vaio brochure.

This shows all the ridicoulus fanboys how Sony and Microsoft only care for business... Fanboy war is a hilarious thing...

Jager2870d ago

i hated how Fable 2 didnt go PC when the first had, i loved playing the First, and bet Fable 2 would benefit from all the mods it would get n such.

AliTheBrit192870d ago

Interesting, by including "Windows" it looks likely that Fable 3 would be coming to PC too, which raises the question to why? as in why Fable 3 and not Fable 2.

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