PSBlog: Lost Planet 2 Has Something Special For PS3

PlayStation Blog writes: That’s right, coming in June, PS3 owners will be able to download two skins of the Helghast characters from Killzone at no charge! These skins, in addition to the previously announced Monster Hunter skin which will be available later this month, are exclusive to PlayStation fans across the globe. From the “My Page” menu in Lost Planet 2, players can build and customize their own unique character for use in the online versus mode. Once a player completes the campaign mode, they can port their multiplayer characters to the co-op story action, including the in-game cut scenes. While there are numerous options for unlocking head, torso, arm, leg, and backpack pieces for your character, the character skins for Helghast, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising’s Frank West, and Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker must all be used as a single piece.

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Double Toasted2904d ago

Yeah, that is cool as sh*t!

Redrum0592904d ago

lots of exclusive content much?

Chubear2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

The helgasts are so damned cool they can make any game look cool lol

I can bet there'll be gamers that pick this game up just for the helgast DLC alone lol. Not me though, Capcom can kiss my butt.

iMad2904d ago

i am tired of this BIG NEWS..every company seems to make noice for every little detail they have...i only care on big news...if LO2 will have mind blowing GFX then i will buy other case it is all the same...

ThanatosDMC2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Meh, i might get the game once the price goes down with my MAG clan members.

Has anyone finished the game yet? Is it good? The guy on my friends list that was playing it moved on back to WKC after a day. I'm not sure if he finished it or quit playing. I dont want to message him again since he keeps sending me disgusting pictures. Yep, think 2 girls and a cup.

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RageAgainstTheMShine2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

... selling your soul to the devil is one of your worst move. Capcom, you should have just stayed Japanese.

The video it self was cool though. Consuelo de bobo.

Well again M$ paid for a crummy exclusivity window for DLC.
I wish I had that much money to waste.

Etseix2904d ago

pshh thats true :/
but well... to capcom.. now give me some cross platform option, so i can take on the Gears boys using the Helgast army ..hehehe.....>;]

Lou-Cipher2904d ago

Seeing the Helgast using the Lost Planet graphics engine really makes you appreciate how wonderful the Killzone 2 graphics engine is.

Jsynn72904d ago

I had a feeling they were gonna show up. I wasn't planning to pick this up but now I more than likely will. That sh!t was hot with scout. Helghast taking over Lost Planet FTW!

captain-obvious2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

i dont care about this game
in here its cheap its like 50 $ but im not buying it
but i gotta say that trailer gave me the chills

the power of helgan

kagon012904d ago

I'm might buy it for my PC(if this game uses drm is a no for me), but I wont buy a gimped version for my console of choice(ps3), my console must be clean and tiddly from dirty ports such as this...

Megaton2904d ago

The trailer was actually pretty cool, but it doesn't change my feelings about this game.

execution172904d ago

almost tempted to buy it now on how bada*s looking that vid was

execution172904d ago

tempted to even pop in my KZ2 and kick some ISA scum

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Godmars2902904d ago

Looked like they had skins for the VS too.

AliTheBrit192904d ago

I doubt that many people care

Rented the game a day or so ago, Terrible excuse for a game..

Seriously, the first was average but this is just something else... It didn't even feel like a finished product.

IMChampion2904d ago

I really can't get past the controls from the demo and the mp was terrible. I actually forgot the game was out until I saw this.

PLXNIN2904d ago

Yeah like shittier frame rate, heavier screen tearing, and blurrier textures.

This isn't year 2007 Capcom.

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