IncGamers: Bulletstorm Preview

Andy Alderson takes a first look at People Can Fly's high-energy shooter.

From the preview:

“'Bulletstorm puts the fun back in first person shooters,' says Cliff Bleszinski's talking head at our first look at Bulletstorm. In true award ceremony fashion, he unfortunately can't be with us today but has made this video message to offer his support to People Can Fly's shooter experiment. We're told to expect action “with a little bit of a wink and a smile” and, uncharacteristically for Dude Huge, this is somewhat of an understatement."

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Maticus2957d ago

That looks insane... I like it!

Djorgo2957d ago

Hehe, toying with your enemies. I like that.

Dorjan2957d ago

sounds positively silly!

N4GAddict2957d ago

Bulletstrom is shaping up to be a great title.

Fyzzu2957d ago

I still can't help but laugh when I see CliffyB referred to as Dude Huge.

Bulletstorm's looking awfully good though, from this preview. I just hope there's good reason to do these awesome things to people and try to get style points, rather than just bragging rights, or they'll probably get old quite fast...

N4GAddict2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Is it using the Unreal 3 engine?