New Fable III Artwork Released

Microsoft and Lionhead have just released some all-new, high resolution artwork of the Hero of Fable III, one of which is likely to be the artwork used on the final box art for the game.

The artwork mimics the style already seen in Fable II concepts. The images are thousands of pixels wide, so these could be perfect for any Fable fans wanting to print some posters.

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AP2930d ago

Love how the Fable boxarts all have that reflection theme going on. Cool stuff. Great artwork too; wonder who their artist is.

borisfett2930d ago

Fable has always had an awesome art style.

Croaker2930d ago

Agreed with both of you. I've always loved the art work that the Fable team produces.

secksi-killer2930d ago

and even the missus played it!!

i cant wait for number 3. and i agree, i love the art direction, and thought fable 2s design was really good, and loved the charming towns and the world as a whole.

i have high hopes for number 3

densai2930d ago

damn they are really high res. awesome... new pc background!

ilovecake2930d ago

Can't wait to play this game!!!

AliTheBrit192930d ago

Nice, can't wait for the game.

SPARTANVI2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Anyone else turned off by Fable 2's hand-holding? Even if you turn off the fairy dust trails, you'd never find your way to the next objective. The UI was convoluted and confusing too.

This summer though, Fable 2, you and I've got some "biz'ness" to attend.

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