Universal feeling pressure to support Blu-ray

According to Variety Magazine, Universal Home Entertainment is facing increasing pressure to release titles on the Blu-ray high definition disc format.

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felidae4117d ago

they can do it! i know it!

marinelife94117d ago

Ken Graffeo is an idiot! Blu-ray will only be embraced by Universal after he gets fired. He picked the wrong format to back for his company and now he has to defend his choice to the bitter end to save his job and his rep.

I hope whatever money Toshiba gave him along with his severance package will be enough for him to get by on.

Keyser4117d ago

Only a matter of time...

TrillHeat9544117d ago


THE_JUDGE4117d ago

money talks, especially with the amount of piracy on regular dvds, it would be a good investment.

Greysturm4117d ago

Not that i want hddvd dead or anything but they should stop with these silly excuses and just drop content on both formats and let people decide.

Seeing how things are going i am surprised universal has lasted this long as an exclusive if they turn the war is pretty much over as i see it.

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The story is too old to be commented.