PlayStation Home - Preview of Steampunk and Midway Carnival spaces

As previously reported, earlier this week, Qore ran a special section of it’s monthly digital magazine on PlayStation Home. There was no shortage of announcements, as we got a first look at the Steampunk and the Midway Carnival PlayStation Home spaces

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Godmars2902933d ago

I thought *Midway* arcade space. Oh well. Looks - almost - as interesting.

B-Real2062933d ago

That was my initial reaction as well!

Chubear2933d ago

Love steampunk. I'll check out the space for sure.

N4GAddict2932d ago

I always wanted this kind of space in Home.

B-Real2062933d ago

After running through all the pics both space look pretty interesting. I'll at least run through each place once or twice! Keep em coming!

N4GAddict2932d ago

They do look pretty nice.

N4GAddict2932d ago

This might make me log into Home again.