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DA_SHREDDER2865d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. Its one of the only third party games I would even consider buying day one.

hamoor2865d ago

yeah whatever
If i want to play multiplayer i play kz,cod,bc etc.
JUST focus on the single player dammit!!!!
Just look at bioshock 2 as an example
This multiplayer nonsense most stop

nnotdead2865d ago

i completely agree. co-op maybe, but forget the multiplayer.

ThanatosDMC2865d ago

I'm actually hoping it's co-op but let it be optional and not mandatory like RE5 cuz i dont want a crappy AI teammate who'll waste ammo and health kits.

I also dont want for them to sell overpriced "dlc" armors and weapons. I'd rather have them unlockable or reward or hidden items in the game.

LostDjinn2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I don't want to alarm you, but think about another horror title that went "multiplayer/co-op".
This could be very bad for a survival horror game. (I'm looking at you RE 5)

I really hope Visceral didn't do anything stupid. If they've nailed a great MP I'll be all smiles. If this is just PR BS know what? Let's deal with that if we have to. ;)

Edit: It's not that RE 5 is a bad game. It's just that the Resi franchise seems to have changed genre. They're not survival horror games anymore.

predator2865d ago

I loved the first one so heres hoping this will be good too


I remember taking a survey from the devs about a year ago asking what I wanted to see in Dead Space 2. When the MP questions came up I said I wanted grav ball as a MP mini game, other grav type games and co-op. For taking the survey I got a creepy Dead Space 2 cipher inkblot in the mail, only 2500 made.

IMO Dead Space outshined anything Resident Evil in just the first 5min of gameplay.

DARK WITNESS2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Dead Space outshined every game I can think of for that year, except maybe MGS4, but Dead Space was my favorite game of the year, above gears 2 and resistance 2.

If the SP does not suffer because of the MP then I don't mind - but in all honesty can they do that with out one of the other suffering, I doubt it.. even if it is being made by another dev.

wollie2865d ago

I'm not really into multi-player, so I hope the single player is awesome. The first game was great so I'm hopeful. I just hope they don't make it an action game, cause we have enough of them. I want an awesome survival horror.

predator2865d ago

If the single player is anything like the first then it should be good

xHarvey2865d ago

Remember when everyone thought that Uncharted 2 was going to have a weak singleplayer because multiplayer was being included? >_>

hamoor2865d ago

but this is a multi game we are talking about here
And they have to take some space from DVD for the multiplayer and the dvd is already outdated in space
So multiplayer=shorter single player
But in the case of uncharted 2 it was an exclusive and the blue-ray had enough space for long single player campaign and online multiplayer

wollie2865d ago

I agree, but just cause it worked for UC2 doesn't mean it will work for these guys. I mean look at Bioshock 2.

Online MP is overrated in my opinion.

xHarvey2865d ago

@ Wollie You're right just because it worked for UC2 it doesn't mean that it will work for these guys. I'm just saying that there's a possibility that it can have a great singleplayer and multiplayer experience.

sam22362865d ago

Remember when Naughty Dog said that U2's multiplayer was being developed by a different dev because they wanted to focus on the SP? >_>

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