PSN-exclusive movie to premiere

The PlayStation Network will get its first exclusive film when 'Heartless' hits the PSN and cinemas simultaneously on May 21.

Jim Sturgess and Noel Clarke star in the dark psychological horror, written and directed by British director Philip Ridley (The Reflecting Skin, The Passion of Darkly Noon).

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Dipso2840d ago

The Demons remind me of the Reapers from inFAMOUS.

Godmars2902840d ago

Guessing this is EU/UK only?

Wonder why Sony doesn't do this more often - an widely. last thing even similar was an anime series when PSN first started having movies.

Christopher2840d ago

It's very expensive to do with wide-release films. I'd see this with more of these low-budget films, but likely only in the area in which they will market at all (such as this movie in the UK).

xYLeinen2840d ago

I'm so fucking tired of everything coming to UK and not the rest of Europe. Excuse my language but this gotta stop. Like the should be renamed to

When are the rest of EU gonna get a bigger piece of the cake? The US can give the whole nation content at the same time why the hell can't EU?

Hellsvacancy2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Its tough luck im afraid, i see your point i get pissed off that the Japs gets tons of retro PS1 classics and the rest dont

If you got what you wanted sum other mofo in sum other distant country (India, Brazil, Kazakhstan etc) would moan about the same thing

Simple answer, move to the UK

Edit: Besides, the film will b crap anyway, not worth my money

mcnablejr2840d ago

well i suppose i do live in England ;)

xYLeinen2840d ago

I suppose we can do a switch for a year :p

I'll promise you this will be on your mind every time PSN content in mentioned >_>

karlowma2840d ago

"The US can give the whole nation content at the same time why the hell can't EU?"

Last time I checked, the United States is a country, and Europe is a continent.

Here in Canada we miss out on a lot of things that are offered in the US as well. It usually has to do with licensing. A recent example would be a big contest by Bioware (a Canadian developer published by American Electronic Arts), which was not available to Canadians.

xYLeinen2840d ago

Of couse the US is a country and Europe is not. But it's the same concept.

You send out a PSN update for Europe the same way you do for the states. There is no difference. And yea there may be some trouble with licensing, but that is not the problem with the UK getting all the content.

It should not be a problem to update PSN for those countries who can get that content, and don't tell me that's only UK.

f7897902840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

The US is just one.

I do agree that Europe is screwed over way too often by all gaming companies. I've seen your playstation store and it sucks. I mean it's like they pulled the menu categories out of a hat.

Monkey5212840d ago

I can see why you are frustrated, but there is a lot of localization that has to go into things that are released in the EU. It does seem like a lame excuse and they are taking the easy way out.

Heartnet2840d ago

EU has alot of different languages, french, german, english etc and America has like 1 language

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jay22840d ago

It's a start, but really they're late to the party, they better keep it coming with these simultaneously releases.

washingmachine2840d ago

doesnt even sound good,theres way to much krap horror nowday