Nintendo Dominates US Sales

EX: "According to the independent NPD Group, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS family of systems outsold all other gaming hardware in the United States during the month of April. Even before the announcement of the new Wii hardware package, U.S. sales of the Wii console topped 277,000 for the month. Meanwhile, the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems sold more than 440,000 units nationwide. Together, Nintendo video game system sales represented 60 percent of all hardware sold in the United States in April."

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bgrundman2871d ago

That's odd, I thought the Wii's sales were on a pretty steep decline...

CrAppleton2871d ago

Apparently everywhere but the US.. haha

Neco5122871d ago

I'm pretty sure the Wii is still selling well around the world. So is the DS

toaster2871d ago

"Nintendo Dominates US Sales"

Well thank captain obvious for that tidbit.

I don't think Nintendo will slow down enough for the other consoles to catch up.

BeaArthur2871d ago

They can still decline and dominate. It sounds contradictory but it is possible.

Christopher2871d ago

Steep decline, but still dominating Worldwide. It will take a much larger decline to get to a point where the 360 or PS3 outsells the Wii.

Rush2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

To be honest I only picked up a Wii this year. Sure there are alot of shovel ware games on the system. But there's also some great ones if visuals takes second place to gameplay for you. Then Nintendo is where it's at.

Btw I have owned a PS3 2 years and a 360 4 years so I ain't speaking out of loyalty.

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Neco5122871d ago

It's surprising to me that it's 60% of the market in the US though

DaRockSays2871d ago

That is a shock. I can hear the PS3 Fanboys crying right now

Neco5122871d ago

HAH! That's true, anything that's not PRO PS3, is anti-gaming to them.

deadreckoning6662871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Lol, yup. And its funny. There the ones who say they don't care about sales, yet they bring up the 360 in EVERY PS3 article involving sales lmao. Btw, Nintendo deserves these sales. The DS is a great portable and the 3DS will take the world be storm if there was a 3D version of Pokemon to go with it.

CrAppleton2871d ago

This time of year is the gaming drought, anything can happen in sales.

Anarki2871d ago

This, is what happens when you run on outdated technology against next gen hardware.

BeaArthur2871d ago

Yeah but the people who are buying Wii's don't know or care how inferior the Wii is from a technical standpoint. They just want to have their party and yoga games.