Will Steam for Mac kick off an Apple gaming explosion?

Valve's superb Steam service finally launched for the Apple Mac this week, with the sublime Portal being the first title available for Mac gamers to try out for free.

Most importantly, Valve also plans to introduce its Steamworks suite of publishing and development tools to games developers, free of charge.

The developer is also now set to release its forthcoming games simultaneously on PC and Mac, (with Portal 2 being the next major release on the schedule).

Gamers and developers alike have been pondering the implications of Valve's announcement and what it might mean for the future of gaming on Apple laptops and desktops. Is this going to kick off a new, slightly-belated 'renaissance' in the Mac gaming scene?

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chak_2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I think most devs are too lazy to do all their games openGL, but I hope i'm wrong :(

edit : lazy money wise, investment...

Letros2843d ago

Judging from the activity charts on Steam, it doesn't look any different than pre-Mac. I guess there's just not enough market share of OSX, nor Mac users interested in games.

Kakkoii2841d ago

Uh.. It's not so much about being lazy, but about feature sets. Direct3D provides a much better feature set and cross API. Not to mention the new tessellation engines this new generation of cards has that's built for the DX11 spec.

Pandamobile2843d ago

There's always going to be differences between DX and OpenGL both in performance and graphics.

Just needs a little optimizing and polish, that's all :)